Wirral councillor quits party blaming hard left ‘parasites’

A Wirral Labour councillor has dramatically quite the party claiming his local branch has been ‘over-run by a narrow, ideological cult where bullying and intimidation of the many by the few is now the norm.’

Coun Michael Sullivan, who represents the Pensby and Thngwall ward, will continue as an independent, ‘without the harassment and pressure of the small number who have taken control of our party structures.’

In a strongly-worded resignation letter to Wirral Council Leader, Phil Davies, Sullivan said: ‘I will not be cowed and threatened by those who have campaigned against us in the recent past and are now seeking to drive their personal and political ambitions forward under the cover of the Labour Party.’

Hitting out at newer left-wing members, Sullivan wrote: ‘They are too meek to stand for election themselves and make their real views public.’

He added: ‘They have tried in the past to win support for their extremist views and failed and it is a travesty that like parasites they have infiltrated and now wormed themselves into positions of power in our party.’

‘I regret this has come to pass,’ his letter concludes, ‘but I hope you and my Group colleagues understand the extreme circumstances we are now facing in Wirral.’

His resignation follows revelations by former senior Labour official, Sheila Murphy, earlier this week on Uncut of widespread bullying from far left activists.

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One Response to “Wirral councillor quits party blaming hard left ‘parasites’”

  1. A bullied member says:

    Oh seriously, this man is a bully and a nasty male chauvinist pig who loves to intimidate women. He has been known to shout through the letter box of women residents, no action was taken by the Council or the labour group. He bullied Cllr Reecejones, getting all his family to pack out the ward and deselect her, he made her life a total misery. I’m sure he has done the same to Cllr Kate cannon who has taken over. Good riddence to a very bad apple in a very bad bunch. At last it’s great to see Wirral Labour group turning red again with skilled councillors who have principles and values. No more self servants running our council.
    Bye Mr Sullivan now just McLoughlin to go and then it’s time to celebrate!!! It’s funny seeing them all moan after years of them bullying members lol.

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