Wednesday News Review

The Candidates

Darling: David Miliband the 'right choice'

“Darling said he “believed strongly” the former foreign secretary was the right choice to lead Labour “for opposition and then back to power”, in a period he described as crucial for the party. In a letter to his Edinburgh South West constituency party, Darling said: “David is a leader … He has the judgment and gravitas to make tough decisions … we don’t know what will happen with the coalition government, the tensions in it are becoming clear … I have seen David up close – I know he can lead.” “- Alistair Darling nominates David Miliband, The Guardian

This is a key moment in the fight for Labour’s top job. Winning the support of a few crucial party figures is absolutely necessary for the wannabe leaders – and Darling is the perfect example of the vote all the contenders will be fighting for. – News of the World

“I’m more of a team player, while others see themselves as leaders. My role is to help get Labour back into power. Clearly, I want to back David and I think he has got what it takes to do just that.” – Douglas Alexander backs David Miliband, The Paisley Express

Hain: Ed Miliband's 'X-factor'

“Ed Miliband has the “X factor” which will prove crucial in taking the party back to power, former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has claimed. The Neath MP has given a frank account of the mistakes he believes Labour made in the run-up to the last election and argues that Mr Miliband is best positioned to lead the “long, hard task” of rebuilding support. Writing on the new Labour Uncut website, he set out the scale of the challenge ahead and said doing a “good job” would not be enough.”  – The Western Mail

The Race

“Labour MPs are acutely aware that their unfolding leadership contest is in danger of moving from boring to catatonic. Three, possibly four, former cabinet ministers, white, male and fortysomething, look set to slug it out for the uncertain prospect of leading the opposition to David Cameron’s coalition with Nick Clegg – and for a very uncertain period.” – The Guardian

Vaz: 'delighted' that leadership hustings go to Leicester

“Leicester East MP Keith Vaz, a member of the party’s national executive committee, said: “I am delighted that Leicester has been chosen again for the leadership hustings meeting. “Leicester also beat other cities in the East Midlands in 2007 when the then Chancellor, Gordon Brown, and five members of the cabinet attended a hustings meeting at the Peepul Centre, in Belgrave. “This is another major coup for our city and I have no doubt that the results of the General Election must have had some bearing upon the choice of venue.” ” – Leicester Mercury

Leadership Promises

“There’s an honorable tradition in the Labour Party of bravely standing against an unjust war–as long as the war ended several years ago.” – Socialist Worker

Women in Power

“The gloves are off. 2010 is officially the year of the black British woman. With Diane Abbott leading the people’s vote in the race for leadership of the Labour Party and Oona king declaring her intention to run for Mayor of London, we could (in theory) see the two most powerful positions of leadership being filled by ‘sistas’.”  – The Voice

The Coalition

“Can we really anticipate no rows, no tantrums, no attempts to dress up unimpressive achievements as if they were impressive? Do you buy the idea that it’s goodbye spin, goodbye PR stunt, goodbye cheap shot? And are you really settling down for political debate between tribes who have learnt that peace, love and harmony is better than Ed Balls?” – The Times’ Danny Finkelstein on the coalition

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