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Burnham blitz on ‘metropolitan elite’ continues

“Work experience internships, which often serve as a middle-class passport to good jobs, should be restricted to a maximum of three months, be paid the minimum wage and be required by law to be advertised, Andy Burnham says today as he steps up his Labour leadership campaign against self-perpetuating “metropolitan elites”. In his determination to tackle Britain’s stalled social mobility Burnham also promises to explore the options for graduates to get “extended access to student finance” to see them through low-paid work experience that would help them into their chosen careers”. – The Guardian

Ed Miliband doesn’t seem to disagree with Andy

“He also dismisses any suggestion that his backing from the three biggest trade unions risks reviving an impression of a Labour leader in the pocket of Unite. “I’m not defending everything the trade unions do, nor would I as Labour leader. I don’t think we’re about to go back to the 1970s, and I’m not planning to take us there. But I do defend the role of trade unions in our society. And I think it’s surprising that that’s surprising, coming from someone who wants to be leader of the Labour party. Politics has basically become a middle-class pursuit – a London-middle-class pursuit, detached from ordinary people’s lives – and it’s actually the link with the trade unions which helps make us relevant to people’s lives.” – The Guardian

Cameron urged to break holiday to back cup bid

“David Cameron faced calls to return from his holiday today to show the proper level of support for England’s 2018 World Cup bid. Tom Watson, who sits on the Commons Culture, Media and Sport select committee said: “We want to put on a good show for the bid but the government is fielding the B-Team. It’s a very poor show.” – The Daily Mail

Dear Lib Dem voter

“Many who turned to the Lib Dems in 2010, or even those who turned to the party long before that, did so because they thought they saw a party that believed in fairness and social justice. Thirty years ago next January, the Gang of Four issued the Limehouse Declaration that led ultimately to the SDP. This split the left of British politics for a generation. The formation and conduct of this coalition government gives an opportunity for a once-in-a-generation realignment of politics. I want to see Labour become home to a new progressive majority.” – Ed Miliband, The Guardian

Kinnock reiterates his choice

“I know how important Labour victory is. That’s why I’m backing Ed Miliband to be Labour’s leader and our next Prime Minister. He’s got what it takes: The strength of character and conviction to show that Labour’s values of care, opportunity, security, fairness and freedom are practical modern answers, not old theories. These are all vital assets. In addition, Ed has confidence but no arrogance. He will never take voters for granted. He has a special ability to lift spirits and motivate people – the capacity to inspire.” – Neil Kinnock, The Mirror

Primary results

“David Miliband has won his second Labour leadership “primary” in Edinburgh East, securing 39 per cent of the vote. Ed Miliband came second with 34 per cent, while Andy Burnham was the only other candidate to make it into double figures.” – The New Statesman

Charles Kennedy – “I told you he wouldn’t jump ship”

“The moment I heard rumours that Charles Kennedy might defect to Labour, I knew for sure that the switch would not happen and could not happen. This is not because Kennedy is thrilled with his party’s partnership with the Conservatives. He is not. The speculation in itself guaranteed there would be no drama. Defections only take place suddenly and when no one is expecting them. They are never preceded by informed predictions.” – Steve Richards, The Independent

“Labour leadership candidate Ed Miliband was quick off the mark at the weekend – perhaps too quick – in his invitation to Lib Dems, MPs included, to defect. Mr Miliband’s statement was a bit like Mick McCarthy inviting West Bromwich Albion fans to leave the Hawthorns and buy a season ticket at Molineux because the Baggies were having a bad run. Or Roberto di Matteo making a similar request to Wolves fans.” – John Hipwood, The Express and Star

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