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From: EAGLE, Angela
Sent: 17 September 2010 11:01
To: EAGLE, Angela
Subject: Angela Eagle – for Shadow Cabinet

Angela Eagle for Labour’s new Shadow Cabinet

Today I announced my intention to stand for election to Labour’s new Shadow Cabinet. I hope that you consider giving me your support.This is an important time for our Party and it is right that the best team is elected to take on this Demolition Government. Since the election, I have worked as part of the shadow Treasury team to take the fight to the coalition on the economy and the profound risks they are taking with the fragile recovery. There was no mandate for the vicious decisions they took to impose the largest spending cuts in peacetime history – the result of which is an attack on the most vulnerable in our society and will see genuine hardship for many.I have used every opportunity to expose the dangers the Con Dems pose and now I want to be in the Shadow Cabinet, working with you, leading the fight against the Con Dems and returning Labour back to Government.

I have the energy and the experience

I was elected in 1992 in the most marginal seat in the North West famously defeating Tory International Development Minister Lynda Chalker. Between 1992 -1997 I served in the Whips office and served on numerous Select Committees including: Members Interests, Employment, Public Accounts (three times) and Treasury.

In government I spent eight years as a Minister in DETR, DSS, Home Office, Treasury and DWP and on the Government backbenches I was elected Vice Chair of the PLP and served on the Parliamentary Committee.

I can connect with the party and the public  

I have been a bridge between the PLP and the Party on the National Executive Committee first elected as PLP representative and later as one of the leaders Government Nominees. I am also an Ex officio member of the National Policy Forum.

I am also an active campaigner for Labour up and down the country and will continue to do so as a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

I will take the fight to this Con Dem Government

We must be strategic and flexible in our response to the coalition. It might be highly enjoyable to focus on the Lib Dems discomfort but it is the Tory small state ideology which we must defeat if we are to stand a chance of making a swift return to Government.

To return to Government we must win the country’s trust again and this will be no easy task – but with the right arguments, the right ideas and the right team – we can and we will.

I’d be honoured to have your support. Please feel free to call me on XXXX XXX XXX.

Best wishes

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