Shadow cabinet: who will make the cut?

This week we will finally find out who will make it into the new leaders opposition fighting force. The squad of 49 will be trimmed to 19. The mother of all popularity contests will culminate on Thursday, with 30 wannabe front benchers being sent back to the minors.

It is all too much for some members of the PLP to take. It only took a day to upset Bob Ainsworth. Tom Watson announced a pretty strict rule on twitter: send me unsolicited text messages and it’s game over.

Another member of the PLP, sick of the constant emailing, letter writing and texting sent this to the Uncut mobile:

XXXXX, just reminding you to vote for me in the Shadow Cabinet elections (the ballot opens today). David Lammy


* * *

I’m standing for shadow cabinet. Ed needs a strong team and I wld bring energy *and* experience. Pls will u consider supporting me? Thanks, Peter Hain


Thursday can’t come soon enough, not only for the 49 who have thrown their hats into the ring, but for the rest of the PLP. The runners and riders are:

Diane Abbott

Douglas Alexander

Ed Balls

Hilary Benn

Roberta Blackman-Woods

Ben Bradshaw

Kevin Brennan

Chris Bryant

Andy Burnham

Liam Byrne

Vernon Coaker

Yvette Cooper

Mary Creagh

Wayne David

John Denham

Angela Eagle

Maria Eagle

Rob Flello

Caroline Flint

Mike Gapes

Barry Gardiner

Helen Goodman

Peter Hain

David Hanson

Tom Harris

John Healey

Meg Hillier

Huw Irranca-Davies

Kevan Jones

Alan Johnson

Tessa Jowell

Eric Joyce

Barbara Keeley

Sadiq Khan

David Lammy

Chris Leslie

Ivan Lewis

Ian Lucas

Fiona Mactaggart

Pat McFadden

Ann McKechin

Alun Michael

Jim Murphy

Gareth Thomas

Emily Thornberry

Stephen Timms

Stephen Twigg

Shaun Woodward

Iain Wright

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2 Responses to “Shadow cabinet: who will make the cut?”

  1. Steve Howard says:

    My wishlist would be as follows

    Dianne Abbott – Foriegn secretary

    Evette Cooper – Chancelloer of Exchequor

    Tessa Jowell -Sports /Olympics

    Maria Eagle- Chief Whip

    Meg Hillier- Health

    Roberta Blackman-woods- Education

    Fiona McTaggaert- Childrens Minister

    Ed balls- Home secretary

    Andy Burnham-Environment

    Danny Alexander- Scotland

    Oh well its as good as it gets I suppose !!!

  2. eric joyce says:

    Danny Alexander has a job already (and was, admittedly, Scotland Secretary for a few days), I’m afraid, and as far as I know there’s no sign of him giving it up. I think you mean Douglas.

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