New Worcestershire Tory council leader pines for the good old days

When someone in a position of power is forced to leave their job in disgrace after more than one employee makes an accusation of sexually inappropriate behaviour, it’s rare that they receive expressions of public sympathy.

You wouldn’t expect, say, their acting successor to tell the public that In effect he’s taken the harshest penalty that he could”, for example.

There is an ongoing police investigation. Five allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour. Multiple council workers making complaints. A Tory leader forced to resign in disgrace.  You certainly wouldn’t expect his stand-in replacement to say:

“Thirty years ago this never would have seen the light of day”.

But that is exactly how Cllr Adrian Hardman responded to the investigation.

So how did the Tories punish him for such crass comments?  Sack him immediately? Quietly ask him to sit the next couple of plays out on the back benches? Allow him to remain in his old role as deputy leader after a firm talking to? No, no and no again.

Yesterday they appointed Adrian Hardman as leader. The Worcestershire Tory party didn’t just promote him, they made him the boss.

What sort of message does this send out to other Worcestershire county council employees?

It couldn’t be clearer – the leaders of Worcestershire county council don’t think this is a big deal. It’s all knock about fun – that in the good old days wouldn’t even have been reported. If you want to know if there’s still a nasty party look no further than Tories in local government.

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  1. Allan Waite says:

    Michael Gove privately educated in Aberdeen. Perfect background for ruining the state sector in England? Discuss

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