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Trouble at Ed Mil

03/08/2010, 07:33:07 PM

Word reaches Uncut of trouble brewing for Ed Mil.

The young pretender made some unguarded comments to  a regional newspaper last week about differential  benefit levels for those in the North and the South. He told the Northern Echo that benefits  should be raised in the South to offset the higher cost of living. Northern MPs are said to be, “concerned” – Parliamentary language for bouncing off the walls.

They fear he could be opening the door for the Conservatives to drive through a two-tier tax credit system aimed at placating jittery southern Lib Dems and uppity Shire Tories.

This may of course turn out to be a storm in an ale mug, or it could be the first ‘A’ list gaffe of the leadership campaign.

A bold plan for a Labour resurgence ‘dahn saaf’? Or evidence of young Edmond’s political immaturity? Watch this space.

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