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Je vis de bonne soupe et non de beau language

02/06/2010, 12:06:13 PM

The main leadership candidates are the sons of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. (Andy Burnham, it must be admitted, is more like the son of Chris Smith; but at the moment he is struggling to look like a main contender).

It comes as no surprise, in which case, that they are taking great care with their ‘messaging’.

(None has so far come up with very much to say.  But actually having something to say goes beyond ‘messaging’.  It is up there in the spin-wonk stratosphere with ‘strategy’).

David Miliband’s campaign is the best across the board.  And so is his messaging.  Every word is painstakingly crafted, by people – such as his spin doctor Lisa Tremble and Google’s DJ Collins – who are good at crafting words.  Every two or three sentences carries a mellifluent phrase which stops – just – short of being a soundbite. (more…)

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