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Attack, attack, attack

21/11/2010, 05:00:14 PM

by Dan McCurry

The chickens have really come home to roost for the British Labour party. Look at the map that shows the whole of the south of England smothered with Tory blue with only the tiny enclave of inner London bearing the Labour red. This diagram demonstrates the confined extremity of the Labour core vote. It also shows how close we are to being wiped out. If you swapped the constituencies with pictures of cowboys and indians, it would be a diagram of Custer’s last stand.

In all my time as a Labour party member, I have never known this party to be in a greater state of denial. This Kosovo-style social-cleansing is not just nasty but also politically sinister, in that it aims to disperse that red; to disperse our people, our communities. They don’t care where they go, as long as they take their votes with them.

And while all this is happening, we, the Labour party, are slouching about discussing whether we should back AV. Shameful. (more…)

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Negative campaigning: it’s not very nice, but it works

29/10/2010, 03:07:46 PM

by Jessica Asato

Does negative campaigning work and how should Labour people feel about it in the ‘new generation’ era? 

I asked myself this question last night while watching the Kentish Town council by-election result in London flash up on Twitter. Labour’s Jenny Headlam-Wells trashed the Lib Dems, who held all three seats in the ward just six months ago. Having spent a few hours coaxing people out of their warm homes to the polling station, I was of course delighted. There are few more satisfying activities than participating in a successful Labour election, particularly when the government is taking us back to the 80s. But something was niggling me.

During the election, the Liberal Democrats accused Labour of underhand tactics for distributing this leaflet. Printed in blue, without a Labour logo, it could be easily mistaken by a voter for Conservative literature. Richard Osley, North London political blogger extraordinaire, called it a “feast of negative campaigning”. My first reaction was that Labour would have failed in its political duty if it had not brought the Lib Dems’ broken promises on tuition fees, VAT, cuts and child benefit to the attention of Kentish Town residents. The fluffy community campaigners cannot hide from the fact they form a government presiding over public sector cuts three times the scale of Thatcher’s. (more…)

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