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The week Uncut

04/07/2010, 01:44:53 PM

 Another busy week for June. The leadership candidates have been racing up and down the country securing endorsements and nominations, consoling England players, cheering on Murray and offering up policy positions on pretty much everything.

In case you missed them, here are half a dozen of Uncut’s better-read pieces of the last week:

Kate Williams gets suckered into facing Nick and Dave

Painter offers his 10 lessons for Labour from England’s hopeless World Cup

Tom Copley wakes up agreeing with Ken Clarke and doesn’t like it

Rachel Reeves argues that we need a growth plan, not regional economic vandalism

Dan Hodges fires off a blistering assault on the new pluralism

Furber gives the candidates and their web campaigns what for

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Ben Furber says the web campaigns are as bad as the candidates

29/06/2010, 09:05:45 AM

The web ‘strategies’ of the candidates are failing to impress for exactly the same reason the candidates themselves are: none of them has anything much to say.

I don’t expect more than the simple, flat and un-aesthetic websites and non-existent web strategies of the candidates because I don’t expect much of anything from them.

A leadership campaign can only be as exciting as the candidates themselves, and an online communications strategy can only be as exciting as the campaign. More bluntly put, the candidates aren’t exciting, so the campaigns aren’t interesting, so the web products are boring. (more…)

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