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The Sunday Review: British Sea Power and Race Horses, live in Bristol

20/02/2011, 12:00:03 PM

by Victoria Williams

One of the best things about Bristol, if you are as easily excited as I am, is that half the nightlife there is on boats. You want to go to the pub? There’s one on a boat. To a club? There’s one on a boat. To a gig? On a boat. And so on. With that in mind, it was surely destiny that brought Brighton-based indie rockers, British Sea Power, to town to play a sold-out show. On a boat, naturally.

Popular floating entertainment venue, Thekla, was packed to the rafters – literally, as it’s an old fashioned, wooden ship with a high balcony – by the time support band, Race Horses, took to the stage. Race Horses are a criminally under-hyped four piece from Aberystwyth whose debut album, Goodbye Falkenburg, was released in 2010. Their eclectic mix of bouncy pop, vintage synths and 60s pyschedelia went down a storm with a crowd already merry from sampling Somerset’s finest. (Rumours started circulating halfway through the night that the constantly busy bar had run out of cider. It hadn’t). (more…)

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