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One Emile Heskey

07/01/2011, 09:44:50 AM

by Dan Hodges

Since embarking on an illustrious career as Uncut’s contributing editor I have been in receipt of  numerous queries from our discerning readership. Excluding the occasional request for me to combine sex with travel, the top three, in reverse order are: “What does the contributing editor actually do”, “When are you going to lay of Ed Miliband” and “Why do you have a Twitter avatar of Frank Bruno being chased by a long haired Scott Baio”?

The answers are: “I have no idea”, “Probably not for a while yet, though things are looking a little more promising”,  and, “that’s not Frank Bruno, it’s the footballer Emile Heskey, and he’s not being chased by Scott Baio, it’s Steve McManaman. Although at that stage in his international career, Scott Baio would probably have proved more effective at delivering a final ball into the box”. (more…)

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Blair’s hand of history is flipping us the finger – but that’s ok, says Dan Hodges

26/08/2010, 11:37:02 AM

THE TINY BAND which follows my musings on Twitter knows three things: I can’t spell; I regularly Tweet globally matters meant for private consumption; and during the world cup I mounted an isolated and ultimately futile campaign in defence of Emile Ivanhoe Heskey.

To me, Big Emile is socialism personified. The collective before the individual. The selfless work ethic. Dignified persistence in the face of intolerance and prejudice.

There’s also something wonderfully affirming about setting yourself against the majority. Knowing that you, and you alone, are voting online for Emile to start against the USA. That you will be the only person in the bar in a t-shirt sporting the Ivanhoe heraldic crest. Celebrating his sublime flick, whilst the rest see only Gerrard’s finish. (more…)

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