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Iran, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and… Hammersmith and Fulham

19/02/2011, 10:41:50 AM

by Ian Stewart

To those of us old enough to remember the glorious events of 1989, the revolts surging across the Middle East have a familiar ring, as tyrannous regimes we once thought permanent totter and fall.

Every socialist and democrat of any stripe must be filled with glee, as those long oppressed by illegitimate kleptocracies find their voices, inspired by the events in Tunisia and Egypt. At the same time, as freedom rattles the oil-rich Gulf states, we can finally nail the old lie that “markets ensure freedom”. We have been hearing from those who speak for the oil trade of their worries about “instability” (they really mean democracy) in the area. Only freedom ensures freedom.

It is time for us all to do our bit in supporting these dissidents whether at home or abroad, in the struggle for justice. In the global “big society”, to coin a phrase.

So in this spirit, I have a question to ask Toby Young, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the Conservatives who run Hammersmith and Fulham council.

According to a report in this weeks’ Private Eye, H&F have found a wonderful building for Toby’s obsession, the West London free school.

They have chosen Palingswick House for the most public of Govey’s experiments. Currently, it only houses a couple of refugee organisations, but they, like those they represent and help, should just have to make way.

Anyone who requires the services of the Afghan council UK will, according to a document drawn up by H&Fs Tory cabinet, find the services of the southern Afghan club an “excellent alternative”. And yet, SAC has hitherto only helped those with pedigree Afghan Hounds. I am sure they will manfully do their bit. You couldn’t make it up.

The dissidents of the Iranian association, meanwhile, are to be diverted to find succour and comfort through another west London address, that of the Embassy of The Islamic Republic of Iran to the Court of St James. Yes, they are going to send those fleeing Iranian persecution to the Iranian embassy for welfare advice. So that Toby young can take unilateral charge of middle class west London education.

Nothing must stand in the way of the Oxbridge mafia, especially one of Boris’ old college chums. To misquote Orwell, it seems that we should imagine the future to be an image of a well-made Lobb shoe, kicking the face of a brown person.

Ian Stewart is a member of Hackney South CLP who blogs at Clemthegem.

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