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Jim Fitzpatrick – a man of few words

23/09/2010, 02:04:16 PM

20 September 2010 15:58

Subject: MESSAGE FROM JIM FITZPATRICK MP: Labour Chief Whip Contest

Dear Colleagues

I am intending to stand as a candidate for Shadow Chief Whip in the forthcoming contest, and hope to be able to speak to you personally, soon after the result of the Labour Leadership vote.

I shall be grateful for your support.

Kind regards.

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

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Tom Copley tells Oona’s people to back off

17/06/2010, 09:35:09 AM

Jim Fitzpatrick wrote last week to Labour’s general secretary Ray Collins to accuse him and the NEC of rigging the London mayoral selection process in favour of Ken Livingstone.

Fitzpatrick’s main complaint was that the 50/50 split between Labour members and trade union votes was somehow out of the ordinary and unfair.

Yet this is exactly the same system approved by the NEC years ago, and was the process used to select Nicky Gavron as Labour’s mayoral candidate in 2004. (She subsequently withdrew when Ken was readmitted to the Labour party). (more…)

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