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Ditch the old language, and start with ‘progressive’, says Jonathan Tanner

03/06/2010, 11:41:13 AM

It will be worth paying attention to the language deployed by the leadership candidates in the coming months. Not to listen out for bigots or balls-ups, but to identify the contenders’ capacity to try new messages on the campaign trail.

The Brown era was notable for a shift towards a more technocratic and less empathetic style of communication. But talking in millions and billions means zilch on the doorstep.

The former Prime Minister’s gift for over-explanation was mimicked by many when communicating our policies to the public. The Ashcroft affair was a good example. ‘No representation without taxation’ should have been the message, but instead it became bogged down in procedure and accountancy; losing the ability to slip easily into conversations between voters.

After thirteen years our other mantras were tired. While there is great value in repetition, our audience had reached saturation point. (more…)

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