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In defence of bankers and Fred the shred

02/02/2012, 08:00:09 AM

by Peter Watt

If you are the Tories then you know that in general voters are wary of what you might do with the NHS, given half-a-chance. It is a political weakness for them. No matter what they say many people assume that their instincts are anti that most beloved of national institutions.

It is why David Cameron invested so much time and effort in trying to persuade people that his intentions towards the NHS were honourable in the run up to the general election. It is why he pledged, ridiculously, to protect NHS budgets when all others were being cut. He knew he couldn’t win on the NHS, but he hoped he could stop it being a negative for him. Now of course all of this has been blown out of the water by Lansley’s ineptitude, and the NHS is once again an electoral vulnerability for the government. A degree of trust so hard fought for so easily lost.

In contrast, the Labour Party is trusted by voters on the NHS.  It means that they could get away with reforming the NHS, maybe even make mistakes, and would still on balance be trusted. (more…)

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Sir Keith, or not Sir Keith? Actually, just Keith.

21/06/2010, 04:05:20 PM

Keith Hill, who recently stood down as MP for Streatham, and comedian Dawn French are both well known for putting in humorous turns at south London CLP fundraisers.

Now, they have something else in common. Like David Bowie and Philip Larkin, they have both turned down honours. While proud to be considered for a knighthood, the egalitarian Hill explained that he would rather just be “plain old Keith” than a “sir”.

It is rumoured that the star of TV’s the Apprentice insists on being addressed as “Sir Alan“. In contrast, Keith remarked: “I have never had the least desire to have a title”.

Spot the socialist. Well played, Keith. The comrades salute you.

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