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A new generation of young leaders is ready to change politics

09/03/2021, 07:30:33 AM

At 25, Anthony Lavelle is bidding to be the youngest mayor of a major city in Britain. He explains why we desperately need more young people to shake up our outdated politics.

Ever since it was announced that I was on a shortlist of two to be Labour’s mayoral candidate for Liverpool, I’ve faced one question over and over.

Aren’t you too young to be running for mayor?

I usually reply that they’re asking the wrong question. Given that more than half the world’s population is under 30 and yet the average age of a councillor is 60, the question should really be, why aren’t more young people running for leadership positions in politics?

“When you are young, they assume you know nothing,” sings Taylor Swift, but the reality is Gen Z’s and Millennials not only know plenty, but they are also shaping the future and starting to make their mark in politics.

Whether it’s Finland’s Sanna Marin, the world’s youngest state leader, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman to serve in the United States congress, or Scotland’s Mhairi Black, who at 20 was our youngest MP since 1667, a new generation of young social democratic leaders is fast emerging across the world.

Plenty are still in denial about this. In local government there’s still resistance to the idea that young people can take on leadership roles. Many think you shouldn’t enter public life unless you have grey hair.


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The runners and riders for Bristol North West

23/11/2012, 10:20:53 PM

by Amanda Ramsay

The recent controversy over the Rotherham shortlisting shone a very critical spotlight on the candidate selection process within the Labour party, but no such drama is reported from the current contest in Bristol North West, which concludes this weekend. The three hopefuls are Simon Bowkett, Keir Dhillon and Darren Jones.

The search to find Bristol North West’s next prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) started amidst a long mayoral campaign that gripped Bristol Labour party for five and a half months. Disappointing election results from last week still hang heavy in the air, so lifting members’ morale will be one of the keys to success in 2015, maintaining a match fit team, capable of turning around a 3,274 Tory majority.

Currently represented by Tory MP Charlotte Leslie, one of the beneficiaries of Lord Ashcroft’s millions, back in the pre-2010 general election, Bristol North West saw Labour slip to third place back then.

Former Conservative Party deputy chairman, Ashcroft has recently become the new co-owner of Northcliffe Media, the regional publishing arm of the Daily Mail group, which publishes Bristol’s evening paper, the Post; worrying for local representatives and candidates, keen to have their voices heard through the local press.

On the recent elections Simon Bowkett has this to say: “Last week’s Parliamentary by-election results were very encouraging – a similar swing in 2015 would see Bristol North West return to Labour. Yet the disappointment of the mayoral election shows we can take nothing for granted in Bristol.”

An Exeter Councillor for nine years, Simon works in the voluntary sector. His campaign buzz word has been very much “community”: “Our turnout was very low in core areas and we have much work to do to re-engage with those communities, to build relationships. My background in community development will enable me to lead on this work, to move voters to being supporters, and supporters to being members and activists,” he promises.


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