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Miliband is dead. Long live Miliband.

25/09/2010, 06:03:45 PM

Labour leadership announcement, Manchester

Miliband is dead. Long live Miliband.

The party has spoken. The young pretender has triumphed over the old guard.

In a ceremony combining elements of the X-Factor, the oscars and a Cliff Richard revival concert, two men, united by blood, were irrevocably divided. David, like Ed,  will come to issue a statement of love and fraternity. Both will be sincere. Yet however close their embrace, this day will forever lie between them. Politics is a tough business. But rarely has an electorate been called upon to deliver such a cruel verdict.

Those hoping for clues in their body language were misled. Ed looked sombre, David upbeat. It told the wrong story.

Throughout the day, rumours had swirled. David by 4%, Ed by 3%.

Both camps were said to be confident. Both were lying. At moments like this, the nightmare overwhelms the dream. (more…)

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