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Leaked MoD SDSR “lessons learned” document

06/12/2010, 03:45:51 PM


1. This note captures some key lessons identified in the SDSR process, from a Defence perspective. It is intended to:

– provide an MOD contribution to a wider government exercise to be led by the National Security Secretariat;

– support, where necessary, implementation of the SDSR outcomes; and

– assist those preparing for future SDSRs.


2. The Department did significant preparatory work on:

– policy development, in particular Global Strategic Trends and the Future Character of Conflict exercise led by DCDC and the Green Paper led by the then Secretary of State;

– management information, in particular the Cost of Defence, development of the FAST tool which enabled us to turn postures and ambition into costed force structure and the ICAT tool which modelled the industrial implications of capability decisions; and

– project planning. A detailed proposal on sequencing and timing was developed, endorsed by PUS and CDS, and socialised within the Department. (Summary graphic at Annex [ X ]) (more…)

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