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Putting pen to paper still gives you the power, writes Keith Flett

23/08/2010, 06:00:19 PM

Keith Flett, socialist historian and letter writer, argues that in the age of social media, a published letter in a newspaper still beats Twitter and Facebook. He should know. In over a quarter of a century, he has had thousands of letters published in national newspapers. We’re grateful to him for sharing his letter writing tips with Uncut readers.

In the age of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, texts and YouTube, why bother to write a letter to the editor? I use all the above formats, but it is only when I have a letter published in a national paper that people stop me to say: “I saw your letter”. They hardly ever say “I saw your tweet” or “I saw your post on Facebook”.

The reason is obvious: a letter in the Guardian or Independent will reach many thousands of people. Other, newer media will reach hundreds if you are lucky. Letters to the editor deliver impact – one of the reasons why those of us who are politically active want to impart our thoughts to a wider audience in the first place. (more…)

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Andy Burnham’s letter to the Parliamentary Labour Party

22/05/2010, 08:29:20 AM

Dear Colleague


Yesterday I announced my intention to seek enough support to be able to go forward as a candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party.

It is a big step but one I am ready to take. I have been a proud member of the Party for 25 years. In that time, I have served it at every level. In the last five years, I have held demanding Ministerial briefs, including Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Throughout all the ups and downs of Government, I always put loyalty to the Party and both leaders first and foremost.

My reason for standing is because I have a clear vision of how I think we need to rebuild our Party for new times. We must become a more modern, open and campaigning force for good.

We must reconnect with our own members and grassroots, bringing the wider Labour family back together.

We must reconnect with young people. I want it always to be the case that Labour is where all young people look first if they want to change the world.

And, above all, we must reconnect with the people who have lost confidence in Labour in recent years. I believe I can reach those people and ensure that their concerns are always our concerns. (more…)

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