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The government is set to break its promise on Equitable Life, says Stephen Timms

23/09/2010, 09:00:08 AM

Tory and Lib Dem MPs are about to betray a big group of supporters. The government will shortly announce compensation for people who lost out in the failure of Equitable Life ten years ago. Before the election, David and Nick promised the earth, claiming people would get a better deal by voting for them. But – and this is becoming a trend – they are going to break their pledge.

The pledge was drawn up by Equitable Life members action group (EMAG). It was signed before the election by the prime minister, deputy prime minister and chancellor.

But the pledge – like, I fear, many others – will not be fulfilled. EMAG was led up the garden path by Tory and Lib Dem MPs to increase their vote before the election.

The scale of the betrayal became clear in a Commons debate last week. Pre-election, the pledge was signed by all but 26 Tory MPs and all but six Lib Dem MPs. (It was also signed by a much smaller number of Labour MPs – 42.)


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