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Just because its in the Mail doesn’t make it wrong. Harman, Hewitt and Dromey need to provide some answers

24/02/2014, 05:02:08 PM

by Atul Hatwal

Another day, another front page from the Daily Mail on the links between the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) and the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) at a time when Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey held senior positions in the NCCL.

When the Daily Mail attacks Labour politicians there is a tendency to simply shrug the shoulders and move on. It’s in the nature of the beast, the Mail attacks the party because that’s what the Mail does. So what?

But that doesn’t mean everything it says is wrong.

In this case, the tone might be vituperative and the events almost faded into distant memory, but the Mail’s reports are backed up by hard evidence. Evidence that is difficult to ignore.

The most pointed allegations date from 1976 when Jack Dromey was a member of the NCCL executive and Patricia Hewitt was general secretary (Harriet Harman didn’t start working at the NCCL until 1978.)

In 1976 the NCCL made a submission to parliament on the Sexual Offences Act. In this paper are some extraordinary and inexplicable recommendations,

“(i) A person aged 14 or over should be legally capable of giving consent

(ii) A person aged under 10 should be presumed legally incapable of giving consent

(iii) Where both partners are aged 10 or over but under 14, a consenting sexual act should not be an offence.

(iv) Where one partner is aged 10 or over, the law should presume that consent was not present, unless it is demonstrated that it was genuinely given and the child understood the nature of the act.

(v) As the age of consent is arbitrary, we propose a an overlap of two years on either side of 14, so that, where the participants are 12 or over but under 16, a consenting sexual act will not be an offence.”

It might be that the NCCL’s parliamentary submissions were signed-off without recourse to the general secretary or the executive.

It might be that this particular paper was submitted without going through the proper processes, and Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey had no knowledge of it.

It might be any one of a range of reasons that could explain why they had nothing to do with the recommendations made in the NCCL’s parliamentary brief.


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Where are they now: keeping track of the ex-MPs

12/08/2010, 05:00:24 PM

In Harold McMillan’s opinion, the only quality needed to be an MP is ‘the ability to write a good letter’. In these harsher times however, our legislators are expected to embrace the portfolio career, accepting with equanimity the judgement of the electorate and swapping the trappings of office for the chill winds of civvy street.

So what does a pre-retirement age ex-MP do back out in the real world?

Naturally, some opt for the metamorphosis from political caterpillar to corporate butterfly.  As secretary of state for education and skills, Ruth Kelly held one of the great jobs in politics. But, still only 42, she gave up her marginal Bolton West seat at the last election. Labour actually went on to hold it. And Kelly went on to a new gaff in west London and a new job as ‘Senior Manager – Strategy for Global Business’ at HSBC. There was a time when former ministers could expect to idle away their afternoons on company boards as adornments. Those days are passed. Ruth will be expected to graft. (more…)

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