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The week Uncut

14/08/2010, 05:31:17 PM

Opposition is almost 100 days old. Fingers and toes are needed to tot up the number of Con/Lib gaffes. Even the summer recess hasn’t slowed down the u-turns. But where are the punches, where are the jabs? The party needs a leader. Roll on September. 

It was all about who got what this week. Lots of the little people gave Ed M their hard-earned, some more of Tony’s mates slipped Dave a few, the self titled ‘master storyteller’ wrote a big one for Ed B, a footballer kicked in for Andy’s bus fare, and one little candidate got none. 

In case you missed them, here are half a dozen of Uncut’s best read pieces of the last seven days:

How they got here: the leadership candidates Parliamentary selections 

Is Vince off to the knacker’s yard? 

Dan Hodges asks what happened to the Brownites? 

Paul Corby remembers the Clyde-built man 

Battling on in opposition: Tom Watson’s report on ministerial cars

John Woodcock argues for radical public service reform

Make sure you tune in next week when Tom Watson takes the helm as guest editor.

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Paul Corby remembers Jimmy Reid

12/08/2010, 09:00:45 AM
At the Upper Clyde shipyard, 1972

At the Upper Clyde shipyard, 1972

The great socialist folk singer, Pete Seeger, always said that he wanted to be with “the live hearts”, wherever they may be and in whatever numbers they were fighting the struggle. Jimmy Reid was always a “live heart”.

To begin Jimmy’s life near the end,  he eventually rejected Labour for the SNP because he felt Labour to be paradoxically a Thatcherite party.

And he was right to say that Labour had left its working class base behind, and Labour had sadly lost confidence in working class people. Most of its leaders and indeed most of the leading trade union bureaucracy no longer live, mix and socialise with the working class they represent. But Jimmy was absolutely at one with them to the end. (more…)

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