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John Mann MP and the Bassetlaw Primary

19/09/2010, 11:38:32 AM

John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, is calling for a “widening of democracy.” Or perhaps he just needs a few extra hands folding leaflets and knocking on doors in a local by-election.

Either way he is asking Bassetlaw Labour party members to vote for who he should back in the shadow cabinet elections. He is generously allowing local members the chance to pick 10 of his 19 votes. Of this 10, at least 3 must be women and 3 must be men. Still with us?

From: MANN, John
Sent: 18 September 2010 18:41
Subject: Shadow Cabinet Elections & Bassetlaw Labour Party Members Primary


Bassetlaw Labour Party are to be balloted on how I will cast ten of my votes in the Shadow Cabinet elections.  This widening of democracy is the direction in which, in my view, the Party must go.

Please let me know if you are standing by sending your CV to XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Bassetlaw Party members are being given the password to this account so that they can view the CVs themselves and I will make them available to members without email access.

A quota system will operate, with at least three of the 10 chosen being women and at least three men.

Bassetlaw Labour Party are currently campaigning to win a By-Election and I am pleased to invite all candidates to the constituency to assist with the campaign.

John Mann

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