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Yes to OMOV. No to registered supporters. Ed Miliband’s party reforms are killing Labour

25/08/2015, 10:49:12 PM

by Daniel Charleston Downes

We can now forget the Ed Stone and the bacon sandwiches, we now know for sure the most damaging thing that Ed Miliband did for the Labour party. The recalibration of votes among members to one member one vote was essential and the right thing to do, but then this was extended too far into a new concept of registered supporters.

It makes sense to take the selection of leader away from just MPs. MPs have maintained their right to select who makes it to the ballot, but even then they seem to have done everything that they possibly can to misplace that power. Once the ballots are out it is correct that the PLP should have the same weight as those delivering leaflets and running campaigns.

The fact of the matter is that registering to support a party was always going to result in some mischief. As it happens it has meant that there are those in the Conservative party that have sought a vote in order to pick what they consider to be the least desirable electoral option for Labour and it has encouraged those from the far left to sway the ballot.

Both pose their own problems. Opening yourself up so that your opposition can infiltrate your leadership selection is foolish, particularly if MPs are nominating a candidate whilst denouncing them as a suicide ticket. This should never be allowed to happen and unless the NEC can guarantee that not one vote has been cast by an individual for the sole intention of disrupting the party, the vote should not go ahead. I would be amazed if they can do this with any confidence.

The second issue is that it has exacerbated and even created divisions within the party that weren’t prevalent before the election. There were a great many members that wanted a deeper anti-austerity message but many were able to assess that need against electoral pragmatism.


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Deputy speaker election rules, from Rob Gibson’s Gallery News email

30/05/2010, 02:34:13 PM

The ballot will be held in the division lobbies from 11am to 12 noon on Tuesday, June 8. Nominations may be submitted in the Lower Table Office from 10am to 5pm on the day before, Monday, June 7.

The election of a Chairman of Ways and Means and two Deputy Chairmen of Ways and Means will be by secret ballot under the Single Transferable Vote system.

Candidates must submit a brief signed statement declaring their willingness to stand together with the signatures of no fewer than 6 and not more than 10 sponsors. No Member may sign more than three nomination forms.

The list of candidates and their sponsors will be published. (more…)

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