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Where are they now: keeping track of the ex-MPs

12/08/2010, 05:00:24 PM

In Harold McMillan’s opinion, the only quality needed to be an MP is ‘the ability to write a good letter’. In these harsher times however, our legislators are expected to embrace the portfolio career, accepting with equanimity the judgement of the electorate and swapping the trappings of office for the chill winds of civvy street.

So what does a pre-retirement age ex-MP do back out in the real world?

Naturally, some opt for the metamorphosis from political caterpillar to corporate butterfly.  As secretary of state for education and skills, Ruth Kelly held one of the great jobs in politics. But, still only 42, she gave up her marginal Bolton West seat at the last election. Labour actually went on to hold it. And Kelly went on to a new gaff in west London and a new job as ‘Senior Manager – Strategy for Global Business’ at HSBC. There was a time when former ministers could expect to idle away their afternoons on company boards as adornments. Those days are passed. Ruth will be expected to graft. (more…)

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