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New Labour: Cheap at half the price, says Steve Dyson

02/09/2010, 12:00:12 PM

Blimey, New Labour don’t half come cheap.

The Guardian yesterday made a great offer for its readers at the end of a multi-page plug for Tony Blair’s memoir.

A colour picture graphic on page six screamed: “To order Tony Blair: A Journey for £18.75 (RRP £25) with free UK p&p from the Guardian Bookshop call 03303 336846″.

Not bad, a £6.25 saving on day one of sales.

But hold on a minute, in the same paper, four pages earlier on page two, there was a half page advert from Waterstones that read: “His story. His words. Half price.”

This equalled a whopping £12.50 off the recommended retail price.

Quite apart from how annoyed Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger might have been at Blair’s duplicitous pricing, the discounts triggered another thought. (more…)

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