Deadline for leadership nominations extended.

As reported exclusively on Labour Uncut yesterday, Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee has now confirmed that the deadline for nominations in the leadership election will be extended. The initial timetable, according to which nominations would have both opened and closed next week, provoked a wave of protest at all levels of the party.

At today’s meeting of the NEC procedures subcommittee, therefore, it was agreed to extend the deadline for nominations till June 9.

One NEC member told Labour Uncut “It was never a conspiracy.  All the fuss in the first meeting was about making sure it went long.  We just dropped this part of the ball, and now it’s been tidied up. That’s all.”

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One Response to “Deadline for leadership nominations extended.”

  1. namak says:

    It will be interesting to see how many of the 80+ women MPs and 16 BAME MPs nominate and support and vote for Diane Abbott. Or will they wriggle and turn until they fall off?

    Her candidacy will test how far Labour has come in its diversity and pluralism. Or are these concepts just to be admired from across the pond and to be ignored in our own backyard.

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