PLP leadership hustings: laughometer

We did a laugh count at last night’s PLP leadership hustings.

Tiny chuckles weren’t recorded.

To score you had to get a proper laugh from a significant portion of the room.

David Miliband  1

Ed Miliband  4

Andy Burnham  3

Ed Balls  1

Make of it what you will.

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One Response to “PLP leadership hustings: laughometer”

  1. Mike says:

    Why didn`t any of the contenders speak out against McDonnells “joke”. If a Conservative had said we should assasinate Attlee or Brown or Wilson you would have complained (rightly so). Please have consistency now.

    Also why this obsession on having Abbott in the leadership race – it is for show only since she cannot on her own merist get 33MP’s. If she can`t get 12.5% of the MP’s to vote for her without pushing then how does she lead the party? Also ethnic women would be over-represented. Isn`t PC hard!!

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