The Miliband brothers go to the fair

While the prime minister was on the phone to President Obama this afternoon, the Miliband brothers were both at the Primrose Hill summer fair.

This genteel summer jamboree centres on Chalcot Square, the gracious georgian heart of what some locals call ‘the island’ (there is no through traffic).  It is a super-chichi enclave of ultra-pricey knick-knack shops and multi-million pound houses two miles north of central London.

In the charming, pastel-coloured high street, you can buy sixteen different kinds of cappuccino, but there is no laundrette, no corner shop, no ATM.

Not only does Jude Law live in Primrose Hill, it is where you would expect Jude Law to live.  In fact, it is where his sybaritic character in The Talented Mr Ripley would have had his London flat.

Even the small, discrete section of social housing is named after a poet. Newspaper editors and BBC DGs rub up against film stars and rock legends in the croissant queues.  Everybody on the island is famous.

The Miliband boys grew up there.  And they both choose to live there as adults. Which is why they were both at the fair this afternoon.

It is beyond dispute, in which case, that the Miliband boys have not forgotten where they came from.  They have not lost touch with their roots.

David tried to splat the rat, but without success.

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2 Responses to “The Miliband brothers go to the fair”

  1. Red says:

    Not sure it would be any better for them to pretend to be hard done by. Don’t care what class they are of, just what class they are for.

  2. Agree with above, I’m not a fan of this whole which class are you from. It’s whether they intend on only helping their own or whether they intend to help the less well off that’s important. Someone from the upper-middle class has no more control over their background and is no more to blame than someone from the lowest class.

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