Caption contest

We all have embarrassing photos knocking around, the type your mum gets out when you take a new girl/boyfriend home. We can just see Mrs Clegg making little Nicky cringe when she pulls this one out of the family album when new beau Dave is presented to the Clegg family for the first time.

Captions please.

8 Responses to “Caption contest”

  1. Tom Freeman says:

    We didn’t say it’d be a bad thing, just that it’d happen. And we were right.

  2. Andrew says:

    Nice to see the Lib Dems coming through on their campaign promises.

  3. John T. Capp says:

    NC: “People are fed up of politicians breaking their promises; well, I’m different. I promise you will pay £389 extra a year under a Conservative government, and I will fight to make this happen.”

    CK: *facial spasm*

  4. Matt Sheret says:

    Lib Dem VAT Bombshell: We’ll make sure of it.

  5. Matt says:

    NC/CK: “If we cross our fingers like this, it doesnt count.”

  6. Jacquie R says:


    Say “cheese”, guys. This poster could make me Deputy Prime Minister

  7. David says:

    NC: “This poster was a real success for us in 1992”

  8. Rachel says:

    Charles: “I really hope Nick doesn’t lead us into a coalition with the Tories, otherwise this photo op. could come back to haunt us”.

    Nick: “I’m completely relaxed about this: when we’re in a coalition with the Tories we’ll just blame Labour for leaving the public finances in a worse state than we expected”.

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