Updated shadow front bench

?Acting Leader of the Opposition

Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP

Acting Shadow Deputy Prime Minister

Rt Hon Jack Straw MP

Lord Philip Hunt (DPM issues in Lords + ECC)


Rt Hon David Miliband MP

Ivan Lewis MP

Chris Bryant MP

Baroness (Glenys) Kinnock

Baroness (Liz) Symons

Baroness (Christine) Crawley


Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP

Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP

Angela Eagle MP

Gareth Thomas MP (with DfID)

Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP (with BIS)

Rt Hon David Hanson MP (with MoJ/Home Office)

Lord (John) Eatwell

Lord (Bryan) Davies

Lord (Neil) Davidson


Rt Hon Jack Straw MP

Maria Eagle MP (+ Shadow Solicitor General)

Helen Jones MP (+ Whip)

Rt Hon David Hanson MP (with Home Office/Treasury)

Lord (Willy) Bach

Home Office

Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP

Phil Woolas MP

Meg Hillier MP (+ women/equalities)

Alan Campbell MP

Rt Hon David Hanson MP (with MoJ/Treasury)

Lord (Bill) Brett (+DfID)


Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP

Kevan Jones MP

Lord (Denis) Tunnicliffe

Business, Innovation & Skills

Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP

Rt Hon David Lammy MP

Kevin Brennan MP (with DCSF)

Ian Lucas MP

Roberta Blackman-Woods

Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP (with HMT)

Lord (Tony) Young

Work & Pensions

Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP (also Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities)

Helen Goodman MP

Kerry McCarthy MP (+ Whip)

Lord (Bill) McKenzie

Baroness (Glenys) Thornton (Equalities)

Baroness (Jan) Royall (Equalities)

Energy and Climate Change

Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP

Joan Ruddock MP

Emily Thornberry MP

Lord (Philip) Hunt (+ DPM issues)


Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP

Barbara Keeley MP (+Shadow Dep Ldr of Hse)

Diana Johnson MP*

Mary Creagh MP

Baroness (Glenys) Thornton

Baroness (Christine) Crawley

Baroness (Maggie) Jones


Rt Hon Ed Balls MP

Vernon Coaker MP

Iain Wright MP

Baroness (Delyth) Morgan

Baroness (Jan) Royall (+ Ldr of Hse of Lords)

Communities and Local Government

Rt Hon John Denham MP

Rt Hon John Healey MP

Ian Austin MP

Gordon Marsden MP

Lord (Bill) McKenzie

Baroness (Christine) Crawley

Lord (Kamlesh) Patel (Communities)


Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP

Wille Bain MP

Lord (Bryan) Davies

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Huw Irranca-Davies MP

Baroness (Joyce) Quin

International Development

Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP

Gareth Thomas MP (+ Treasury)

Lord (Bill) Brett (+Home Office)

Cabinet Office

Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP (+ Shadow Olympics Minister and Shadow Minister for London)

Paul Goggins MP (+ Northern Ireland)

Baroness (Jan) Royall (+ Ldr of Hse of Lords)

Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport

Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP

Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP (Shadow Olympics Minister)

Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP

Gerry Sutcliffe MP

Lord (Matthew) Evans

Baroness Angela Billingham (sport)

Baroness (Maggie) Jones

Law Officers

Rt Hon Baroness (Patricia) Scotland of Asthal QC

Maria Eagle MP

Lord (Neil) Davidson

Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for Women

Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP

Barbara Keeley MP (with Health)

Leader of the House of Lords

Rt Hon Baroness (Jan) Royall

Lord Philip Hunt (Deputy Leader)

Northern Ireland

Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP

Paul Goggins MP (with Cabinet Office)

Baroness (Jan) Royall (+ Ldr of Hse of Lords)


Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP

Ann McKechin MP

Lord (John) Sewel


Rt Hon Peter Hain MP

Wayne David MP

Lord (Bryan) Davies

Whips Office

House of Commons

Chief Whip and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury

Rt Hon Nick Brown MP

Rt Hon John Spellar MP

Helen Jones MP (+ Justice)

Tony Cunningham MP (Pairing Whip)

Steve McCabe MP

Frank Roy MP

David Watts MP

Lyn Brown MP

Sharon Hodgson MP

Kerry McCarthy MP (+ DWP)

George Mudie MP

Mark Tami MP

David Wright MP

House of Lords

Chief Whip

Lord (Steve) Bassam

Deputy Chief Whips

Lord (Denis) Tunnicliffe

Baroness (Christine) Crawley

Lord (Bill) Brett

Baroness (Maggie) Jones

Baroness (Anita) Gale

Lord (Richard) Rosser

Lord (John) Grantchester

Shadow Regional Ministers

North East – Nick Brown

North West – Phil Woolas

Yorks & Humber – Rosie Winterton

London – Tessa Jowell

South East – John Denham

South West – Ben Bradshaw

East Midlands – Vernon Coaker

West Midlands – Ian Austin

Eastern – Baroness (Angela) Smith

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2 Responses to “Updated shadow front bench”

  1. Andrea says:

    What are the changes compared to the line up announced after the GE?
    Primarolo is out because of her new Deputy Speaker role and the regional ministers have been added (IIRC they weren’t mentioned at the time). Anything else?
    On a related matter, I read last month that the Shadaw Leader of the House and Shadow Chief Whip in the Lords are both elected positions when in opposition (by Labour Peers like the PLP elects the other Shadaw Cabinet members) and that the election (if there were more than 1 candiate) would have taken place in June. I guess that it means Royall and Bassam were either unopposed or re-elected.

  2. Amanda Ramsay says:

    Thanks for this. Do we know when Shadow Cabinet elections are? Presumably, after party conference/new leader announced? I was told Lord (Denis) Tunnicliffe was in Shadow Health Team, do you know if it is def Maggie Jones for Lords?

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