Pat McFadden says Labour should be confident about its record in Government

Ahead of his keynote speech to the Fabian Society tomorrow, Shadow Business Secretary Pat McFadden MP sets out his stall:

Two months after the election we can see the shape of the political and economic debate in the times to come.

The Government has set out a narrative which seeks to pin all the blame on Labour and absolve themselves of responsibility for their decisions.

But in the end, these issues are a matter of choice and judgement.  We made our choices.  Now they are making theirs.

Labour’s response should be confident about our record in Government and clear that we would have handled the deficit in a very different and more just way than the coalition Government. But it should also acknowledge that if we had won, there would have been difficult decisions to come.

Our debate about the future should focus on the kind of economy we want and the jobs and opportunities it can bring to people.

Labour has a strong agenda on these issues.  The Tories and Lib Dems talk about what they are against on industry policy but say little about what they are for.

Pat McFadden is the MP for Wolverhampton South East and the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The full speech is available here.

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  1. Jonathan Todd says:

    This is a fantastic and very timely speech. There is a lot here that we should absorb and act upon. Well done, Pat.

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