The Week Uncut

That most exuberantly brilliant of newspaper prose stylists, Frank Johnson, used to write an annual column arguing that it is not true that nothing ever happens in August.

Well it is certainly not true on Uncut. We have had one of the best weeks of our three month life under the guest editorship of blogger extraordinaire and MP par excellence, Tom Watson.

He attracted such a dizzying array of beltway bigshots and blogosphere behemoths that the acute contributions of star political writers such as John Kampfner and Vincent Moss are not even reproduced below.

We can scarcely thank Bro. Watson enough. He ran the Uncut team ragged, for responding so admirably to which they also deserve appreciative recognition.

More, he broadened and enlivened our offering. For which we restate, one last time, our gratitude on behalf of our readers: thanks Tommy.

Below is a bigger than usual selection of the better-read contributions to an outstanding week on Uncut.

Tom Harris tells it predictably straight

John Underwood on a one-off wealth tax

Pat Kane on playgrounds

Eric Joyce on a new defence review

Aaron Porter on higher education

Billy Bragg on tactical voting

Dan Hodges on immigration

Sally Bercow on fessing up

Paul Bower on his difficult relationship with Labour

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  1. Tony Watson says:

    It was good but I expect that all the time. Good luck.

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