Labour leadership top trumps

Uncut has commissioned Dave Howells to produce that crucial leadership contest accessory: the top trumps.

Like real top trumps, it won’t keep you amused for very long unless you are a small child. But with the Milibands’ respective movements for changes each trundling on and Andy Burnham’s new 9,000 word manifesto o’ t’North just out, we’re confident that there’s a market for minor distraction.

Readers who feel that any scores have been misassessed, or that new special powers should be added, are encouraged to record them below. (The graphic may take a while to load on slower connections).

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4 Responses to “Labour leadership top trumps”

  1. Nathan says:

    It’s nice as someone who comes from Northern England to be stereotyped and mocked in a blog which supposedly support the party which I donate money and significant amounts of my time to. I’m not giving Andy Burnham my first preference but the fact that his entire campaign has been pigeonholed as that of the provincial candidate shows a certain snobbery which I joined the Labour party to campaign against.

  2. “The graphic may take a while to load on slower connections” No kidding. Or even on faster ones, since it’s FORTY MEGS! Why on earth have you uploaded it in BMP format? Convert it to a GIF and it will be 100K tops.

  3. Any chance we can have it in something that’s not a bitmap? Image compression does make things load faster, you know.

  4. Mike says:

    The last item that I wrote about for my blog ‘Con-Dem Nation’ was on this very same subject…I have created my own cards for the game…anyway please have a look at them…also, I was there first with the idea…

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