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From: HILLIER, Meg
Sent: 15 September 2010 xx:xx
Subject: Shadow Cabinet Elections




Dear colleague

I just wanted to let you know that I will be putting my name forward in the Shadow Cabinet elections.


3 years as a Home Office minister with a challenging portfolio (including ID cards, vetting and barring, Europe and immigration)

5 years as MP for inner city London

4 years as a London Assembly member, active in my scrutiny of Mayor Ken Livingstone and promoting an agenda that would deliver for my constituents in transport and planning in particular

8 years as an elected local councillor in both opposition and control (I was also Mayor with the casting vote when Labour was evenly balanced with the LibDems)

I am a practised media and Commons performer.

I am a strong grassroots campaigner – in the 1998 local elections Labour held control of the council because we won back a Lib Dem seat by three votes after a relentless campaign in my ward (Jeremy Corbyn and Stephen Twigg know the work involved)


We often talk about diversity in politics. I am a school gate Mum of three (the youngest is aged 18 months) and I have also been a carer for two disabled adults (I now provide respite care for one of them).

I grew up under Margaret Thatcher and saw the Tories dismantle Britain. Labour spent 13 years rebuilding our country. We have seen huge investment in schools, hospitals and other local facilities. We cannot let this Government wreck that. We need to win again in 5 years time to stem their worst excesses and work to invest in the human capital in our regions and nations. As a young journalist in South Yorkshire I saw first hand the direct impact on families and communities of Tory inspired pit closures. We must stop their wrecking spree.

I want to take on the Tories and Lib Dems in the House of Commons, in the media and on the doorstep.

We also have a huge opportunity to develop policies with our membership. I am no lone ranger. As a minister I reached out to MPs across the party and the UK to make sure their views were heard and acted on as policy decisions were made and implemented. As a shadow minister I would continue to work with colleagues in the party and in Parliament. The leader and shadow cabinet need this input.

I represent one of the poorest constituencies in the UK. Over half my constituents live in social housing and unemployment is still too high. Having a Labour MP and a Labour council is not enough. My constituents need a Labour Government.

I hope to speak to you over the next few days. You can reach me on XXXXXXXXXX.

Meg Hillier

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