Shadow cabinet: vote for the Eagle

From: EAGLE, Maria
Sent: 16 September 2010 17:55
To: EAGLE, Maria

I believe I have the talons talent to help make Labour soar upwards again. See my two most recent debates:  

I both opened and wound up for the opposition on ConDem proposals to extend anonymity to defendants in rape cases. We all demolished their case and the policy was abandoned following the debate – the first defeat of a proposal in the coalition programme for government.

I wound up in the second reading debate on the Fixed Term Parliaments Bill and got stuck into the Deputy Prime Minister –  one coalition weak link upon whom we should focus our fire.

Lets get stuck into them in Parliament – and everywhere else!

Maria Eagle

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One Response to “Shadow cabinet: vote for the Eagle”

  1. William Campbell says:

    Eagle, talons, geddit?

    Ye Gods…they all seem to think that merely being MPs entitles them to a crack at being in the Shadow Cabinet. Is there no humility?

    Having said that, Maria Eagle’s pretty good in comparison to some of the loonytunes who are running.

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