Phil Woolas sets the record straight to his CLP

Phil Woolas

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5 Responses to “Phil Woolas sets the record straight to his CLP”

  1. helen says:

    That’s weird. I was in the courtroom when the agent happily admitted to only delivering the leaflets in question in “the white areas” .

  2. Steven Acres says:

    This is complete and utter nonsense. Woolas is trying to make out that he has been slurred by the accusation that his literature pandering to the white vote was put out only in white areas. He insinuates that this spin is being applied by the Lib Dems.

    As far as I know this particular allegation has never been suggested by Woolas’s opponents. It has come solely from his own election agent on the witness stand and under oath. I understand that he was quite definite and explicit about this.

  3. videoscapes says:

    The Liberals delivered different leaflets in white indiginous and Asian areas of Oldham on sensitive issues such as Mosques during the election. At other times they have had contradictory campaigns running in wards side by side.

    The Liberals put out leaflets just to asian areas undelining Watkins support for banning arms sales to Israel and taking a manipulative approach similar to that by the Liberal MEP Chris Davis

    Woolas set out to counter a particularly nasty whisper campaign against him that was similar to those run in Rochedale and against Jack Straw at the previous election.

    We will have to wait for the judges to rule……..but I suspect the Liberals had some dirty tricks running to attempt to manipulate race as an election issue.

  4. Steven Acres says:

    Well maybe you’d care to share. If you have any examples of such tactics then please let everyone know. I repeat – Woolas’s agent was quite clear in the witness box. Some leaflets were deliberately withheld from Asian areas and others were delivered in white area only. This was done “to make the white folk angry.”

  5. Mahal says:

    Here’s an independent assessment. I would be interested to know what part of of it is disputed:

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