Caption contest – Eric Pickles freedom of information special

8 Responses to “Caption contest – Eric Pickles freedom of information special”

  1. NudeEel says:

    Christ Eric… Hope you know a cheap lawyer or two, as I’m not paying for you to cover that one up.

  2. ally says:

    Gideon; “What’s all this about you blocking Freedom of Information requests Eric?”
    William; “You’ve done it this time, it makes us look like hypocrites Eric”
    Eric “Uh, are you going to eat that?”
    Gideon; “It’s a phone Eric!”
    (long pause)
    Eric “But are you going to eat it?”
    Gideon; grunt
    (long pause)
    Eric “Can I eat it then?”

  3. JVB says:

    Want to f*ck the poor? There’s an app for that.

  4. Kevin says:

    Eric, we’ve been sat in this hall so long the Ginsters share price has dropped.

  5. ffinlo says:

    Eric… are you sure that’s the Brentwood Women’s Institute?!*?

  6. jack richards says:

    “is that theresa?”

  7. ZED45 says:

    Gideon: “Seriosly Eric watch, this is when me and the Haguemeister-General happy-slapped Cleggy”
    Hague: “He cried, it was bloody hillarious”
    Pickles: “Anyone got a werthers?”

  8. Steve Howard says:

    ‘Nick, youre in charge while I sort out Cherac and Angella’s EU money increase’
    ‘Yes Dave. Oh can you bring me some Duty free B+H?’
    ‘Yes Nick, but for god’s sake erase this we dont want A C getting a transcriptor we will be in another Pickle’

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