It’s not just the logo that’s yellow: big Lib Dems abstain on vote

Last night more thanĀ 25% of the Lib Dem Parliamentary party abstained on the tuition fees vote. Those abstaining included the current and last two leaders and the current party president. What a principled bunch they are:

Annette Brooke

Ming Campbell

Nick Clegg

Mike Crockart

Tim Farron

Mike Hancock

Julian Huppert

Charles Kennedy

John Leech (spoke in debate)

Greg Mulholland (spoke in debate)

John Pugh

Ian Swales

Mark Williams

Roger Williams

Simon Wright

7 Responses to “It’s not just the logo that’s yellow: big Lib Dems abstain on vote”

  1. Edward Carlsson Browne says:

    Who’s Mike Farron? Do you mean Mike Crockart or Mike Hancock?

  2. Err… where were the Labour party’s principles when they went against their fees pledge. Twice.

  3. Gaipajama says:

    TheChristophe, I cry ‘tu cocque!’ sir, ‘tu cocque!’

    I watched John Leech speak in the debate. It seems rather rude to do that then bugger off when there’s a division.

  4. doreen ogden says:

    They will one day get their comeuppance – and the sooner the better !

  5. Dean says:

    Not to stick up for Clegg in any way because he doesn’t deserve it, but wasn’t he out of the country?

    More a general point as the one thing I hate about the voting records is they never make notice if there’s a reason for absence (see Burnham having to explain his gay rights voting during Leadership campaign).

  6. George Parker says:

    Nick Clegg did NOT abstain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You nearly gave me a heart attack there !!!

  7. Editor says:

    @george – If you look at the date the post is from the 1st December and refers to a different vote than yesterday.

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