Richard Drax MP and the disappearing blog post

?Richard Drax, the Tory MP for South Dorset posted a rather interesting blog earlier today. In the post titled “Two + two = gay” he described the discussion of homosexuality in schools as “imposing questionable sexual standards” on young people. The Whips must have been on the phone sharpish as the post vanished from his site almost immediately. The compassionate Conservative mask slips again.

We managed to grab the text and a screen grab for posterity and the folks over at ChickenYoghurt have a timeline of the vanishing act.

Two + two = gay

Yes, if you can believe it, homosexuality will be on the curriculum for students studying maths, geography and science. According to the Sunday Telegraph, children as young as four could be included. Apparently, these lessons to “celebrate the gay community” are not compulsory and schools will be left to decide. This plan is ludicrous and pushes political correctness to new bounds. I would have thought raising educational standards and teaching our children to read, write and add up is far more important than imposing questionable sexual standards on those too young to understand their equality czars.

Posted on 25 January 2011 by Richard Drax


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17 Responses to “Richard Drax MP and the disappearing blog post”

  1. Lucy says:

    I saw the link to the blog and was baffled when I couldn’t find the statement. This explains it! Thank you.

  2. Chris McCray says:

    I saw the posting on ChickenYoghurt and grabbed the page out of Google’s cache using

    It’s here:

  3. Gaylussite says:

    “The compassionate Conservative mask slips again.”

    A member does not make a party. Stop spinning such utter rubbish.

  4. Left Is Forward says:

    The mask is removed, the beast that lies behind is revealed.

    The Tory party belong in the Middle Ages – frankly anyone professing these outdated, religion-obsessed views should be prosecuted and organisations like the Conservative and Unionist Party that hold them, outlawed.

  5. Gaylussite says:

    Left is Forward:

    Not everyone in the conservative party is religious. You devalue opposition by making ludicrous generalisations and bigoted comments. You are not right. Nobody is in politics. It’s an opinion. The right has as much of a right to it’s own opinion as yours. Sanctimony is the true evil here.

  6. RMB says:

    Eugh, disgusting. The Conservatives have ‘slipped up’ far too many times for this to be an isolated incident. Incidents like this show the true party values- the Conservative party is made up of people like this.

  7. steve howard says:

    Yes I agree the Right have a right to their opinions. Its when the opinions are then transformed into dogma and then enshrined in law that we have to worry. No matter how hard they try the tories will never be able to emulate their ‘conservative’ comrades in most countries of the middle east where they have two cultures. One where they fornicate and drink to their hearts content behind closed doors , keeping women veiled and in fear of retribution, yet at the same time condemn those who are stupid enough to get caught to stoning in public.
    Its a long held recognition that tories do one thing and say another. Every now and then one slips up and the public get a whiff, from Profumo to Grayling. they have a long history of double standards.
    Oh for Victoriana when the tories could build hospitals on the outskirts of |London and then fill them with all kinds of ‘low lifes’

  8. Richard says:

    Oh the irony of the photo above the article, a double act with Hague, Westminster’s best known closet case.

  9. Left Is Forward says:

    Gaylussite, you’re quite incorrect to claim that all opinions are equally valid. Some are just plain wrong. Funnily enough this is the sort of post-modernist nonsense that the Right used to use to criticise the Left with – but now that the bigotted social conservatives have been confronted with the overwhelming scientific and rationalist evidence that their “grand moral schema” for the universe is nothing less than a collective delusion, they are retreating to the po-mo battlecry “everyone’s got a right to an opinion, no matter how stupid, ludicrous or offensive it is”.

    Actually I don’t care if they have these opinions so long as (a) they’re not in power so can’t make policy based on them, and (b) they do not express their more offensive and bile-filled opinions, just clam up and keep it to themselves. Unfortunately we currently have a problem with both (a) and (b)! I hope next time the Left is in power, there are proper steps taken to criminalise this sort of expression of homophobic paranoia.

  10. Wow, I tried commenting on that post when I saw it but the Tory high command clearly acted quickly…

    Thank goodness the internet never ‘forgets’ anything!

  11. theProle says:

    His language may be well over the top, but isn’t his fundamental point right?

    4 year olds need to learn about English and Maths, and not homosexuality.

    I really don’t see the need for sex/relationship teaching at that sort of age. When I was a kid, I didn’t know about sex till I was about 8 or 9, and I don’t think it did me any harm – I just had a normal childhood. The pointfullness of creating a load of teenagers aged 4 seems limited to me at best…

  12. No, theProle, his fundamental point is misleading at best and based on a sad failure to apply basic reading comprehension. It’s the same bullshit the reactionary wing of the Tories have been pulling since Section 28.

    His post riffs off a Telegraph article which says children as young as 4 could be taught that it’s OK to be gay – which is quite different from giving them details about sex, it’s just reinforcing the message that it’s alright to be different. Nor does itt mean that they will have these classes – all that’s happening is that it’s being made available if there’s a demand. Drax’s entire argument rests upon a misrepresentation of reality created by a bizarre fear of ‘the homosexual agenda’.

    In fact, I suspect it’s a misrepresentation of a misrepresentation – I suspect the Telegraph put in the “as young as 4” line simply because it applies to all primary school children and they want to rile their neanderthals.

  13. hilary kerr says:

    I agree with theProle. Little kids at primary school do not need to know anything about sex.

  14. hilary kerr says:

    PS I should think little 4 and 5 year olds would find it bewildering or funny.

  15. I read the article in The Telegraph (which was little more than a paragraph really). As a gay man my eyes always look out for articles that focus on gay issues.

    I have to say I thought it was a ludicrous article – intended in my opinion to cause exactly the situation we have unfolding here. No short paragraph in a newspaper can fully detail the policy (if indeed there is one), I’m all for openly discussing sexual orientation and identity to children when appropriate and when mature enough to be told – but 4 year olds please – let them have a childhood and just be children! And adults (Drax et al) stop behaving like children on your blogs and tweets!

  16. Left Is Forward says:

    None of the teaching material mentioned sexual activity – there’s nothing sexually explicit about a gay family. It’s just a different, valid, relationship type. And relationships should form the very basics of sex education.

    Hilary Kerr, if we don’t start basic sex education at primary school – including discussions of what kinds of relationships people can have – then when should we? Many young people are sexually active by their early teens. Many young people are aware they are gay by the time they are 12. Many young people are already encultured e.g. due to their family backgrounds, to believe that homosexuality is laughable or wrong. We need to prove to them that despite the rubbish they get taught at church or mosque, or in the bigotted atmosphere of a family home, homosexuality is something totally acceptable and not in the slightest bit objectionable or wrong. And we can only get past the heavy cultural barriers some families erect to “protect” their children from modern thinking, if we start getting them used to these ideas at a very young age. That is precisely the best time to start.

  17. Gaylussite says:

    Left is Forward:

    “Gaylussite, you’re quite incorrect to claim that all opinions are equally valid. Some are just plain wrong.”

    I’d prefer to live in a racist homophobic democratic state than a forced non-racist non-homophobic dictatorship. And I say that as a gay man. Forcing opinions, and persecuting people for their opinions is just disgusting. Some opinions may be wrong (in our opinion), but all are valid. Freedom of thought etc. It’s when they take unjust action on those that they are truly immoral.

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