Police Commissioner deadline extended as candidates start to emerge

Labour Uncut has learned that party officials have extended the deadline for applications for Labour candidates hoping to become Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs).

Originally, potential candidates had until 17 February (last Friday) to submit applications for the 40 new roles which cover existing force areas. Now, the party is saying that it will “accept applications from interested individuals until the end of February”.

The two-week deadline extension hints at a shortage of potential candidates. One possible reason is that candidates must actually live in the force area they wish to stand in. A panel of Labour’s National Executive Committee is expected to meet in early March to begin shortlisting in each area.

The most high-profile candidate to emerge so far remains John Prescott in Humberside. Last week Labour leader Ed Miliband came close to backing him, saying he was an  “unstoppable force and I’m sure he’d be a great police commissioner.” Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair also praised the former deputy prime minister, saying he would do an “extraordinarily good job.”

Sitting MPs hoping to become police commissioners include current Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Tony Lloyd, who is hoping to become Labour’s candidate in Greater Manchester and former Welsh First Minister, Alun Michael, who is hoping to stand in South Wales. By-elections for their Westminster seats will be triggered if either wins.

Perhaps the most closely fought contest will be in Merseyside where two former Labour ministers are set to go head-to-head. Jane Kennedy and Peter Kilfoyle, who both stood down at the last general election, will compete for the Labour nomination.

Other former Labour ministers who have announced their candidacies include Paddy Tipping, a former deputy leader of the house (Nottinghamshire) and former DWP minister James Plaskitt (Warwickshire).

In South Yorkshire, former Chief Constable Med Hughes has announced he is standing for the Labour nomination – just four months after retiring from the force. He previously claimed politicians were not “of the right calibre” to be police commissioners.

Police and crime commissioners will set strategic priorities for their force, while chief constables will lead on operational matters. Elections will be held on Thursday 15 November, the same day earmarked for elections for any city that chooses to have a directly elected mayor in May’s referendum.

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7 Responses to “Police Commissioner deadline extended as candidates start to emerge”

  1. John P Reid says:

    I cna’t recall What Kilfoyle or Kennedy thought When Ken Oxford Was Liverpools Chief Constable in the Early 80’s he had no love of the Left, I’ve always Admired Both of the labour candidates for helping Neil Kinnock fight Militant, but frankly I’m appaled at them standing and going along with this Idea, They’ll wither bow to pressure for the Chief constable to do what He wants or it’ll be another case of the left fughting with the chief constable like, Met Commisioner Ken Newman rowed with teh GLC in the early 80’s

  2. swatantra says:

    God preserve us from the likes of Prezza and Alun Michael and the Lab Old Guard. Haven’t they done enough? Isn’t it time to let others take the lead? Perhaps younger people; perhaps people with a left leaning but not necessarily members. The Police are going to be politicised and that is a mistake with these Commissioners.

  3. Andrea says:

    Another former MP applying is Ian Cawsey (Brigg & Goole 1997-2010) has also applied for Humberside contest

  4. John P Reid says:

    Swatantra ,i did Hear some retired Copper wanted ot stand for the labour choice in Essex, seeing as this’ll cover form CLacton to southend to Thurrock and grays, i don’t think he’s got much choice winning, But essex Police have got no love of the Tories

  5. Mike Homfray says:

    Given that the posts exist, of course Labour have to contest them

  6. John P Reid says:

    Mike homfray we dont’ have candidates in northern ireland,

  7. “Given that the posts exist, of course Labour have to contest them”

    Why, surely the Monster Raving Loony party are available…?
    Maybe it would be more impressive to stand no one.
    Then again there are £s to be won and what do votes mean …?

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