Time for policy in the pub with Sadiq Khan

The government might be engaged in a slow motion, policy car crash over Lords reform, but could you do better? Really?

OK, it’s highly likely that Stevie Wonder at the wheel of a McLaren, going the wrong way round the Hanger Lane Gyratory System, would be a case study in safety compared to the attempts of this government’s business managers to steer Lords reform through parliament. But how much better could you do?

Well, here’s your chance to show the world. It’s that time of the month again. It’s policy in the pub with the Pragmatic Radicalism funsters. This month, the topic is justice and constitutional reform with our shadow justice secretary, Sadiq Khan in the chair.

You know the format – 90 seconds on your policy idea, quick-fire questions and then the popular vote. It will all be happening tomorrow night, the 10th of July, at the Barley Mow Pub (upstairs restaurant), 104 Horseferry Road, Westminster, London, SW1P 2EE, between 1900 and 2100.

The winning idea will be automatically adopted as the first policy in Labour’s next manifesto.

Alright, that last bit isn’t quite true. But the winner does get a slot on Uncut to share their insight with the viewing public, so that’s nearly as good.

See you in the pub.

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One Response to “Time for policy in the pub with Sadiq Khan”

  1. swatantra says:

    Sadiq did a great job yesterday in the Commons on HoL Reform. But Labour is in danger of tying itself in knots on this if they vote and scupper the idea altogether., just to point score off the Lib Dems.
    The fact is that this is as good a time as any for Reform, and we don’t want this kicked into the Long grass just so we send redundundant MPs past their sell by date upstairs to the residential home in the other place. The HoL/Senate has to be vigourous and rigourous and practical to perform itsduties as a revising Chamber. At the moment its a ood place o snooze after a heavy lunch at the Club. And it should not go to a Referendum; just have the guts to do it, and now. Its matter of higher principle rather like banning foxhunting was.

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