Aidan Burley equal opportunities photo special

Why, who’s this cheeky little scamp? It’s only misunderstood Twitter führer Aidan Burley. Here he is in a photo from his latest constituency e-bulletin, hard at work introducing a local councillor to the prime minister.

Well done Aidan, it’s good to motivate the local troops and what better opportunity than a glittering Number 10 reception. This councillor was probably selected for such an exclusive invitation because of some form of outstanding local community contribution.  That would probably explain why she is featured so prominently is Aidan’s e-bulletin.

But hang on, she looks familiar. What’s that name again? The bulletin tells us it’s Jodie Jones.

Surely not the Jodie Jones who also works for one Aidan Burley? And it can’t be the Jodie Jones that young Aidan is currently squiring around the bright lights of Cannock Chase?

Because, if it were that Jodie Jones, in a spirit of openness and transparency, we know Aidan would have made it clear in the bulletin.

Otherwise people could get confused again, much as they did over his Olympic tweets, and there might another terrible misunderstanding.

Silly, wrong-headed people might draw erroneous conclusions about the type of outstanding local contribution needed to secure an invite from Aidan to meet the PM and quaff free vino.

That would never do, because as we know from Aidan’s Friday night tweeting and subsequent clarifications, no one is more dedicated to the cause of equality of opportunity than Cannock Chase’s MP.

It’s a good thing this is almost certainly, absolutely not, couldn’t possibly be the Jodie Jones that Aidan is seeing. That wine glass in the photo is dangerously full, and the national press tells us that Aidan’s Jodie Jones likes a good party.

Aidan’s e-bulletin is unclear on how the night progressed after the glass of wine in councillor Jones’s hand was glugged, but further down in the literature there is a striking feature on Aidan’s speech in the chamber attacking the “alcohol culture” in the House of Commons. We’re sure all must have been well.

Uncut is curious about some things though, and perhaps our readers can help.

What is Aidan saying? He looks very purposeful. And what is David Cameron saying in response?

Thoughts in the comments please.

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6 Responses to “Aidan Burley equal opportunities photo special”

  1. Robin Hay says:

    What has this got to do with Labour politics?

  2. Harry Thompson says:

    Ugh. This is disgusting. First half of the article is fine. The ‘oh no she drinks alcohol’ Mail-esque crap is not becoming of any left-wing publication.

    This piece should be edited/removed. It really is gutter-press stuff.

  3. Laurence says:

    What a disappointing article. This is an embarrassment to our party – no better than order-order.

  4. How is this of the public interests? Seriously? Why does it matter.

  5. Martin McGrath says:

    This is desperate. Burley may be an utter prick, but sinking to his level is hardly the way to deal with him.

  6. Guido Fawkes says:

    We put our name to and sign our articles.

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