Selection round-up

We’ve looked at results in City of Chester and Weaver Vale, but there were four other results in yesterday:

Jeff Smith (Manchester Withington) won on the second ballot, beating Unison official Angela Rayner followed by Josie Teublet and local councillor Andrew Simcock.

Born and bred in the constituency and a local councillor since 1997, Smith is now executive member for finance on Manchester City Council and was the local favourite to win.

His first electoral success in the constituency came as a ten year-old schoolboy in a mock election at Old Moat Primary School in Withington (he won).

Despite being at the Labourish end of the Liberal Democrats, current MP John Leech is something of a hate figure among Labour campaigners locally, having first defeated former government deputy chief whip, Keith Bradley, back in 2005, by claiming the Labour government was set to close Withington Hospital (it wasn’t).

Lucy Powell ran Leech close in 2010, but this time the Lib Dems will pay for being in government, with Smith’s task in overturning Leech’s small 1,894 majority seemingly a cake walk.

Karin Smyth (Bristol South), a local NHS manager, inherits a 4,734 majority from former Treasury minister Dawn Primarolo who is retiring in 2015 after serving her current term as Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons. She beat Uncut columnist Amanda Ramsay into second place.

Although the seat saw a sharp 10 per cent drop in Labour’s vote in 2010, it split evenly between the second placed Lib Dems and third placed Tories making it a much safer bet for Smyth in future.

Todd Foreman (NE Somerset) has a harder task in overturning the 4,914 majority of Tory curiosity Jacob Rees-Mogg. Yet the US-born solicitor is also a Westminster City Councillor, so will relish a challenge in ‘enemy’ territory.

Finally councillor Neil Coyle (Bermondsey and Old Southwark) has been selected to fight Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems Simon Hughes.

Coyle, the director of policy at campaign group Disability Alliance beat a strong field which included Gavin Edwards, Stephanie Cryan, Prem Goyal and Richard Livingstone.

Hughes had an 8,530 majority in 2015.

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8 Responses to “Selection round-up”

  1. Felix says:

    “She beat Uncut columnist Amanda Ramsay into second place.”

    Still up your own backside then.

  2. Andrea says:

    Bermondsey selection result…..

    Round1: Goyal 84 Coyle 60 Livingstone 38 Edwards 29 Cryan 11
    Round 2: Goyal 85 Coyle 65 Livingstone 42 Edwards 29
    Round 3: Goyal 86 Coyle 75 Livingstone 58
    Round 4: Coyle 104 Goyal 103

    Bristol South: Smyth 77 Ramsay 43 Brown 23

  3. John P Reid says:

    felix, have you read any Of Amanda’s other articles here, they are hardly up ones own self, talking aobut non new labour stuff

  4. steve says:

    “She [Karin Smyth] beat Uncut columnist Amanda Ramsay into second place.”

    Good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. John Reid says:

    Steve, it may tun out that Karyn works for progress!, then you’d feel even less happy

  6. steve says:


    Her track record indicates otherwise.

  7. John Reid says:

    Diane abbots recent column in Progress, rather alters that view

  8. Steve in Somerset says:

    Hmmm…. An American born solicitor who is a Westminster councillor …..

    Yup, that will clearly motivate us Somerset voters to support him…..


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