Time for policy in the pub with Chuka Umunna

You like pubs? You like policy? Ok, are mildly interested in policy? Well, good news. Back by public demand is policy in the pub. Tonight it’s all about business with the shadow secretary of state for business, Chuka Umunna.

So, if you want to know how a Labour government should support start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses, get yourself down to the Barley Mow pub on Horseferry Road SW1P 2EE this evening. The fun kicks off at 1900 and runs till 2100.

For those that haven’t been to one of these Pragmatic Radicalism events before, it’s a quick fire format with 90 seconds for speakers to present a policy idea, 2 minutes for questions and answers and then a vote at the end on the best policy.

There’s even free food and drink, so what’s not to like?

See you in pub.

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