More trouble in Liverpool Wavertree

A new twist in the saga surrounding the suspension of Labour local councillor, Jake Morrison following his fall-out with the Labour MP Luciana Berger. Not happy with being suspended by the party, Jake has struck back: he’s left the party.

The Liverpool Daily Post has the full statement from young Jake, but the key paragraph is this,

“As a working class lad from Liverpool, who is determined to make a positive difference, I have decided to announce today that I will be standing for election in 2015. I will be standing as an independent candidate for Liverpool Wavertree in the upcoming general election.”

So, Luciana will have a rival at the next election, likely fighting from the left and with a substantial local profile. As is clear from his statement, this newly independent councillor will be drawing a strong contrast between “a working class lad from Liverpool,” and the less local, local MP.

Given the Labour majority in Wavertree at the last election was over 7,000, and was one of the few constituencies where Labour actually increased its majority compared to 2005, the challenge will likely prove quixotic.

But it will certainly be unwelcome for Labour and will have the second placed Lib Dems licking their lips in anticipation.

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  1. swatantra says:

    Usual story, a falling out, a personality clash, people getting too bigheaded and too big for their boots, and stabbing the loyal Party workers in the back. One thing they don’t seem to get through their thick heads is that The Party is always more important than them and these tin pot dictators.

  2. Ex-labour says:

    Another teenage Trot with sixth form politics. Being in an organisation sometimes means following the rules, working with people you don’t particularly like, working within organisational strategies and so on. It seems this young man is an “activist” who wants to do his own thing without reference to the party. I was broadly in favour of his position but after reading his self-pitying statement he comes across as a bit of a spoilt brat.

  3. Jake (Pitt) says:

    Not cool, Jake. Could do with a bit more unity in these hard times for the party…

  4. John Reid says:

    Next stop, SWP?

  5. Derekw says:

    I couldn’t see the reason to describe Mr Morrison as a Trot, but maybe Ex-Labour knows better. Which rules does he mean?

    What I know is that Luciana Berger is a Zionist who supports Israel without question and clearly couldn’t care less about the Palestinians who are losing their homes, having their crops destroyed, are being imprisoned without trial and are denied the basic rights of any human being. She ignores International Law, and there’s a rule that’s important to keep to.

  6. james says:

    lol – let’s face it Luciana was parachuted in and is over-promoted for the role. She can’t even decide if she smokes or not. Now she can’t be two-faced (like the rest of Labour) and pretend to both be against the cuts and `too far and too fast` at the same time.

    It won’t be so easy a shoe-in for Luciana next time.

  7. McCurry says:

    @Ex, for once I agree with you.

  8. The working-class thing will not really wash. Steve Rotheram, in particular, already balances Luciana Berger very well indeed on that score.

    A lot of people might want the former Director of Labour Friends of Israel out of Parliament. But young Morrison might not know that, or who they were, or how to tap them.

    Just as well: they have some very deep pockets indeed. He could match Labour pound for pound if he did.

    In fact, since spending limits do not kick in until the Dissolution, he could spend the next two years lavishing such cash on local campaigning, far in excess of what Labour could ever spend on one seat, even if it wanted to.

    They would let him have it, in order to get rid of her. So just as well that at his age, he is not to know that.

    They will have noticed this. But they might be waiting for him to approach them. And I just do not think that he will. He would not yet know how.

    That said, even though he has opined that the thought of coalition with the Lib Dems “makes him want to vomit”, the Lib Dem Peer and former Leader of the Council whose seat he took announced within hours, possibly minutes, of his press release that there would be no Lib Dem candidate against him.

    In a seat where that party took 34 per cent of the vote and came second last time.

    Funny how they obviously knew in advance.

    Why, they had even squared all relevant local and national committees and so on, in order to give him a clear run. In one day? I don’t think so.

    There is more going on here. Far, far, far more.

  9. LesAbbey says:

    I wonder what Manny would have thought about all this. Not happy would be my guess. Having red princes and princesses is not such a great idea, just ask the Chinese.

  10. Mike Homfray says:

    Actually, no – the party is simply a means to an end. It is a tool, not something to be worshipped or seen for any more than it is.

    And the party is only as good as its people. In this instance, the party clearly has major problems but rather than sorting them out which would mean telling an MP that her approach was at best unhelpful, at worst inept – the victim got the punishment

    Jake Morrison is certainly not a Trot – I don’t think he has any hard left connections at all.

    Berger? The sort of MP who deselection was designed for.

    It will be interesting to see where the LibDems turn.

  11. Clr Ralph Baldwin says:

    Jake will not be safe as an independent and as he attempts to carry out his role in representing his constituents will no doubt find the authorities Leadership will try and use Council Officers (whose task is to remain independent) as an unofficial whip.

    Jake young fella, you are right to be principled and hold the views that you do you will not find much principle in the Labour Party, they even campaign against their own polices in public, deceiving the people they refuse to respect, but you will need a political Party behind you to protect you and allow you to do your job. Labour and the Lib Dems are little more than Conservatives who market morality and lie to the people having less respect for them than even the Tories.
    You have many a tough decision facing you and it will be tough to see the older less ethical and cruller older generation of “Labour Politicians” who have nothing in common with Atlee and Bevan behaving with nothing but blind conformity in uniformly betraying the UK. Good Luck fella and respect to you for showing corrupt politician’s true bravery….today I have my revenge on the Labour Party and improve democracy for the unrepresented people of the UK in one go….you to can do this if you choose. Only through fair and open democracy can this be achieved and your frustration with Labour is due to their hatred of fairness and democracy.

  12. Ex-labour says:


    This is not a middle eastern politics issue. Rather its about working within a framework set out by the party. I understand some “script” has been written for party personnel to follow and he refused to engage with this. Whilst I have some sympathy with this as I hate spin of any kind, as a member of a party you have to engage and sometimes have to fall in line with the direction and strategy.

    On a separate note I do also fundamentally disagree with parachuting in central party choices into safe seats where they have no connection to the local area or population.

  13. John P Reid says:

    mike Homfray- And the party is only as good as its people.


    ive been a member since 87,

  14. bob says:

    Jake, go get Unite to support you, their entryism will guarantee you you defeat the fragrant Luciana.

  15. swatantra says:

    Anyone who thinks youngsters under 21 should be allowed to stand for Council Elections needs their heads examined.

  16. bob says:

    swatantra says: The labour Party and the CLP backed his nomination, did they expect him to loose, next question?

  17. bob says:

    And possibly the fragrant Luciana had a say as well.

  18. swatantra says:

    They probably didn’t expect him to win.

  19. bob says:

    Then why contest a constituency if you plan on loosing, is that betraying your supporters from the start.

  20. goggzilla says:

    John P Reid a member since 1987? Is that before or after you joined the police and took to trolling left wing sites?

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