Letter from Wales: Blackballed by the Welsh establishment

by Julian Ruck

We live in a democracy and a country that prides itself on freedom of speech, do we not?

Well, Wales it seems has opted out.

Literature Wales – sister quango of the Arts Council of Wales who receives nigh on 1million a year from it – has refused outright to give me a press pass for the Wales book of the year next week (and I do write a regular column for a Welsh newspaper) albeit that all the cosy taxpayer funded Welsh literature websites, Welsh literature mags and periodicals, and all the other Welsh Establishment gravy train literary junkies will all be out in force.

The PA to CEO Lleucu Siencyn (Lucy Jenkins for all you English readers) managed to discover that all press passes had been dished out within seconds of hearing my voice without any reference to seating allocations etc etc. One must further ask how the PA to Ms Siencyn would even know this data anyway, and so quickly?

Orders from on high perhaps?

Have someone there to report on Welsh literati shenanigans who hasn’t joined the gang? And won’t be bought?

Forget it, can’t have Ruck there to spoil our fun now can we? Duw mon, he just might report some inconvenient facts!

I can guarantee a few things though. The works submitted for the Wales Book of the Year will have been written by Welsh writers replete with taxpayer bursary bucks, Welsh publishers will have been paid by the taxpayer to publish them and even the Prizes will be tax-payer funded.

It will be interesting to see what a Nielsen Bookdata printout of sales will reveal in a few months time.

Hard times? Not in Wales, and to cap it all the Welsh government will only communicate with me through their Head of News, Simon Jenkins.

Please read on.

On Tuesday this week, Martin Shipton, Chief Reporter with the Western Mail did a follow up to my Letter on Uncut (28.6.13) on the Arts Council of Wales’ taxpayer funded jolly to the Venice Biennale ie 7 people from the Arts Council going on a 3-4 day promotion of a Welsh artist exhibiting the recording of a man snoring in a telescope.

It will be interesting to know if any of his work had been sold thus ensuring some payback for the taxpayer? After all, never mind the expenses (£1500-2000 each including £260 per night hotels), it also cost the taxpayer £400,000.

In respect of tax-payer funding for Welsh arts, more particularly the Welsh publishing ‘industry’, it should be noted that in spite of media exposure in the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, the Jeremy Vine show, the Sunday Politics et al, John Griffiths, the culture minister (and responsible for funding to Welsh writers, publishers, Welsh Arts etc etc)  is still refusing to be interviewed or even comment on all these matters.

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money going into books that no-one reads,  millions going to state of the art printing plant and machinery, millions going to all kinds of Welsh ‘art’ regardless of quality ( the Arts Council of Wales dishes out 34 odd million pa of taxpayers’ money to causes that show little if any return for the taxpayer)  – and yes I know, the ebook has yet to blip on the Welsh government’s radar.

And yet in spite of all this, minister John Griffiths feels that his department is not accountable? Nor it seems, does he believe that he is subject to democratic scrutiny. On the other hand this is Wales, so why spoil the habit of a post-devolution lifetime?

Neither indeed does that wonderfully independent side-kick of the administration, the Wales Audit Office, believe there is a case to answer albeit that the evidence is there for all to see..

Now if you think all this isn’t bad enough then observe what has happened over my last Letter re 130M Euros prospective private sector project in north Wales being pulled due to the Welsh government’s diffidence and desultory responses.

I personally have contacted Edwina Hart’s office, made requests for interviews and comment and what has been the response?

Classic old Welsh Labour. “Dive for cover boyos! Bugger accountability and scrutiny, it’s only taxpayers’ dosh!!”

My point here is that devolution has allowed a Welsh establishment to rule with autocratic disregard for the norms of a free and open democracy, a distinct contempt for any kind of criticism or scrutiny, let alone accountability, and obsessive delusions of self-importance and wilful entitlement.

The Taffia will have no truck with dissent, no truck with those who merely look in from the outside.

They are killing the Welsh economy, the education of Welsh youth and the Welsh Health Service and all because they believe that England raped Wales and its Welsh-speaking Nirvana many, many years ago.

On Newsnight (10.7.13) Margaret Hodge, the Boudicca of public spending accountability, was heard to say about the BBC ‘You are accountable!’

She should set up court in Cardiff Bay if you ask me, now that really would get the Welsh politicos running for their pleasure cruisers!

Come to think of it, Ed’s ‘death throes of old politics’ doesn’t apply to Welsh Labour either.

Give more powers to the Welsh Assembly?

God help Wales.

Julian Ruck is an author, columnist, and Freedom of Information campaigner. He also makes contributions to both Welsh and national broadcasting and media.

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88 Responses to “Letter from Wales: Blackballed by the Welsh establishment”

  1. David Hewson says:

    Press passes are for bona fide journalists. Not pretend ones. And if you think your ‘newspaper column’ put you in the bona fide character with crap like this….


    You really are beyond help

  2. James says:

    Dear Mr Ruck
    If you detest and despise Welsh writers and publishers so much, why did you submit your novel to Parthian and Seren in 2009 and 2010?
    And why did you send their editors nasty replies to their perfectly rational and polite rejections?
    Can you declare your interest here, please? FOI and all that.
    And would you and Labour Uncut allow me to publish some choice morsels of your correspondence with said publishers, just so the public sees what you’re like?

  3. James says:

    Mr Ruck,
    Can you also address the fact that there exists taxpayer funding for the arts in England, Scotland, Ireland (north and south) and everywhere else in Europe?
    What exactly singles Wales out for your spite? Apart of course form the fact that your books were rejected by their publishers?
    But they were also rejected by English publishers too, and also by agents. So what exactly is your beef with arts funding in Wales? You make no case, you just rant.
    In what way is Wales different from other regions/states/countries where arts funding for everything form opera to poetry exists?
    Until you answer this you will simply look like another self-published failed writer trying to get his own back on those who wouldn’t have him.

  4. James says:

    “They are killing the Welsh economy, the education of Welsh youth and the Welsh Health Service and all because they believe that England raped Wales and its Welsh-speaking Nirvana many, many years ago.”


    How can you publish this pub-bore bilge?

  5. John Abell says:

    Julian, you are not a journalist, so why should you get a press pass?

    It costs £15 to get in to the public, just pay that Julian.

    The last WBC event I went to, I saw your grant funded, Lit Wales hating ally Gill Brightmore sipping free wine.

    That link to your Llanelli Star column that Mr Hewson pointed out is hilarious. Comedy gold. You are not a journalist, if you are, who is that mr Oakley from your previous ‘letter’?

    Julian, there is no Taffia, as you call it. Is the English ‘Establishment’ any different?

    As James says above, you are bitter out of rejection. If you were talented enough, you would never be rejected.

    The irony is that your books are distributed at taxpayers expense by the WBC and your ‘publisher’ recieved a grant from Camarthenshire council, at taxpayers expense.

  6. John Abell says:

    Also Julian, critically, the Welsh pavillion was regarded as being in the top 10 and getting 6.5 million visitors. Not bad eh?

    Compare that with Kidwell-e festival dear chap.

  7. Darren Almond says:

    I must say, I stopped reading the Llanneli Star column after the one a few weeks ago about the ‘bearded lady and the pavement froth-job’.

    But on a serious note, Ruck, are you admitting the 130 million Euro power plant in north wales you wrote about in Uncut last week simply had no basis in reality, or will you provide some facts to back up your assertions?

  8. Julian Ruck says:

    To James,

    Let’s see these ‘choice morsels’ then, from Seren and Parthian.

    But I must warn you, be very very careful.


  9. James says:

    Thank you Julian – I have written to both publishers asking for copies of their correspondence with you, so I’ll make this public as soon as they send it.
    And if you wrote what you wrote, why should I be ‘careful’ about making it public? I thought you wanted things out in the open?
    So Mr Ruck, you are admitting that you got rejected by them and then sent them angry and threatening emails?
    That’s a start.
    Let’s see you admit it outright please: repeat after me: ‘I hate Welsh publishers, writers and arts funding because they rejected my novel’.
    Then we can have the debate when you’ve declared your own interest and got it out of the way.
    Now please address my issues above about what ‘s wrong per se with arts funding, given that it happens everywhere?

  10. Yes, it is true to say that the Welsh arts are indeed ruled by a sinister quango favouring a selected few. The literary prizes here are doled out like Smarties together with the back slapping events that follow, such as Welsh Book of the Year .
    [ Btw .Mr Abell the tickets are ten quid, not fifteen as you suggest.
    Anyway in present day Welsh society , in my humble opinion and as a person born in Wales , the sense of entitlement now rises like the smell of naphtha did in , ‘Apocalypse Now’.
    Indeed Wales ,I fear is fast becoming a ‘car crash’ society both in terms of the arts and of politics.
    As the Chinese say, we live in interesting times.

  11. A point of correction John Abell:

    At the Welsh Poetry Awards I was actually invited to attend by Ms. Jill Berrett , and where I drank only mineral water: I am not a drinker of wine as anyone who knows me would tell you.You do not.

    Really my dear, you must get your facts right before you release this psycho babble on an unsuspecting public. It really is bad form Mr.Abell.

  12. James says:

    PS – are you threatening me, Julian?
    Because what I propose to share are simply copies of exchanges between you and the people who turned down your novel (politely) and whom you abused for doing so. Now, if you wrote these emails then there’s nothing to be careful about is there?
    The emails will also prove that contrary to what you have asserted you were turned down by at least two Welsh publishers.
    This is not an off-topic comment on my part, but instead goes to the heart of Ruck’s claims and his reasons for attacking those he attacks.
    What is there to be ‘careful’ of Julian, if all I have is the truth?
    You wouldn’t be planning to try to block the use of this correspondence on the grounds that it’s ‘private’ would you? FOI and all that.
    What are you afraid of?

  13. John Abell says:

    Why on earth would anyone give you a press pass and why on earth would any politician of any party give up there time to speak to you? Apart from your ego, what qualifies you for such a position?

    Can you clarify who Jeremy Oakley is? And actually clarify who he is, not just say I know who he is because that is not good enough.

    Despite English and Scottish publishers getting exactly the same kind of subsidies and there being the same kind of ‘establishment’ in Westminster and Holyrood, why do you think Wales is singularly corrupt and unique? If you check the WAG government website, there spending seems pretty transparent to me.

    Can you please admit to hating Welsh publishers because they’ve all rejected you, and thus have vested interests and are not impartial in the slightest?

  14. CymroCelt says:

    The real scandal in Wales is the Dracoian language laws that seriously hold back non-Welsh speakers from getting any decent employment in Wales. No-one is allowed to speak out against the Welsh language laws and the discrimination against non-Welsh speakers in Wales, because if they do the Welsh language activist thugs bully them into submission.

  15. James says:

    CymroCelt: “The real scandal in Wales is the Dracoian language laws that seriously hold back non-Welsh speakers from getting any decent employment in Wales.”

    any evidence for this? any figures or statistic, or just some racism along the lines of ‘they’re nicking our jobs’.

    Example of the draconian language laws please?

    Come now, don’t be shy. Name the laws and show me the evidence that ‘any decent employment’ is reserved for Welsh-speakers.

  16. John Abell says:

    Gill, the fact that you attended the WBC and Lit Wales event is a bit hypocritical isn’t it, especially after receiving a grant and being such a bad writwer you couldn’t finish it? Now that is nobbling the taxpayer, at least finish the book the grant was meant to pay for! Did you repay the money Gill?

    Why Gill, do you hat Lit Wales, WBC and writers grants when you go to there events and have received grants, yet did not produce the work?

    The mineral water was paid for by the WBC Gill!

  17. James says:

    Ms Brightmore: “Anyway in present day Welsh society , in my humble opinion and as a person born in Wales , the sense of entitlement now rises like the smell of naphtha did in , ‘Apocalypse Now’.”

    Fond of overstatement, aren’t you. But you’re more reticent about your own arts council of Wales award , which you took, for a book of short stories.

    Can you tell us how much it was for and where we may read the fruits of your taxpayer grant?

  18. Julian Ruck says:

    To James,

    I repeat, publish your ‘choice morsals’ you silly little man.

    Otherwise blow your flatulent hot air somewhere else.


  19. Julian Ruck says:

    To Cymro Celt,

    Well Cymro Celt, NOT this Welshman you will be pleased to know.

    They have tried every bullying and nasty little trick in the book, as no doubt you have observed, but I’m still here and my voice is still a damned sight louder.

    Thank you for your comment but may I also add that these people will contiue to get their own fascistic way until more people like you ( the silent majority), stand up and say ‘Enough!’.

    Julian Ruck

  20. Julian Ruck says:

    To James,

    PS I do not respond to the jeering wails and less than creative agonies of a wretched fool.

    Neither do I respond to the deluded piety of a Taffia fantasist.


  21. John Abell says:

    Gill, do actually think the arts council of Wales is sinister? Is this a joke?

    No I do not know you Gill and am glad I don’t, at the poetry awards you sat there with a face like a slapped OAP’S botty, when you did pull a facial expression it looked like a tortoises face when riding a particularly deadly rollercoaster. Or a hippos that has been strapped to a rocket and fired.

    I am glad I don not know you, because you are a bitter failed (even with taxpayer funded grants) writer, and your incessant whingeing and hysterical rants would really grate on me.

  22. stevemosby says:

    Julian –

    It’s not a conspiracy. They have refused to give you a press pass because you aren’t a journalist.

    However, I see from the comment thread that it would cost £10 for you to attend. Slightly wearily – and I hope you appreciate this – I have emptied the top fifteenth of my Coca-Cola bottle of small change, and then put some of it back. I have counted up an additional £8.27. Added to my emergency legal fund, this should secure you entry. This will leave me in somewhat choppy financial waters, but I feel it would be worth that to imagine the happy look on your face. Let me know.

  23. To Mr.Abell

    As you couldn’t even spell the word ‘writer’ , but wrote ,’ writwer” in post above why should I give a flying f*** of what you think about anything literary.
    If , incidentally I am ‘invited ‘ to a WAC event I believe I am free to attend without your say-so.
    As for your personal comments I will not dignify these insubstantial remarks with a response ,or sink to your level by returning any myself. Instead I would like to pose a question.
    It is this :
    WHY are you so endlessly fascinated by Julian Ruck ,and now it seem myself if he is in fact a figure of such contempt ? Jealousy might be a motivation here I think.
    I hope you have a quiet evening reading ‘War & Peace’ : Tolstoy’s btw.

  24. James says:

    Julian: “I do not respond to the jeering wails and less than creative agonies of a wretched fool.

    Neither do I respond to the deluded piety of a Taffia fantasist”

    Well, you do respond, because you threatened me. I’m offering you the chance to shoot my fox by admitting that you submitted to Seren and Parthian, got turned down, and wrote vicious emails in reply. I know because I’ve asked, and it has been unequivocally established that you approached them and were turned down. You’ve denied this, then half-admitted it, and are now evading again.

    If I were you I’d be very very careful, because you will be caught out telling a big fat proky (again) if you deny what I have stated above.

    Now, once and for all, declare your interest in your obsession with Welsh publishers.

  25. James says:

    Julian, sorry – I meant to add: it’s ‘morsels’ I wrote, because it’s correct; not, as you write ‘morsals’.

  26. James says:

    Sorry boys, it must be the sun: Gillian Brightmore did not of course get an ‘award’ because she’s written nothing of note; what I meant to refer to was the grant she got, of a couple of grand, to write a collection of stories.
    It is of course an indictment of the arts council of wales that it gives money to rotten writers like Brightmore, who have no profile and publish nothing, but I think we all accept that thee have to be a few duds in the system if it is to encourage talent.
    So Gillian Brightmore is a price I’m willing to pay.
    Julian Ruck however is not a price I’m willing to pay, because he has lied outright about never having been rejected by Welsh publishers, plagiarised on this site and elsewhere, and his every ‘novel’ is an atrocity against the English language. I’ll add the homophobia, sexism and bigotry, but I’m trying to stay on-topic here.

  27. James says:

    oh dear, mea culpa: I wrote ‘big fat proky’, and meant of course, Julian, a ‘big fat porky’ of the kind you specialise in. Please don’t ignore my request for clarification on the grounds of two inverted letters.

  28. James says:

    Julian, you ask for a press pass… as has been pointed out, you are not a proper journalist, or indeed a professional one (your Llanelli Star colon is not paid for, is it – you do it for free!), and you are moreover a twice-caught plagiarist. As you know, plagiarism is considered among all writers – from journos and hacks to bestseller-mongers to high-culture purveyors – as the lowest and nastiest sin in the job.
    Hence, no pass for Ruck – buy your own ticket, and perhaps we’ll meet there!

  29. David Hewson says:

    In the light of Steve Mosby’s magnanimous offer above may I make my own conciliatory gesture to get you to this meeting, Julian. Financial constrains notwithstanding in the light of your legal threats I believe I may be able to finance a bus ticket to the said event (perhaps you could check your discount card and tell me what the cost would be).

    I’m afraid the gravity of your menaces means this would be one-way only. But as Tesco say… every little helps. In fairness though I should point out that bus services in Wales are currently subsidised to the tune of £95 million a year. Given your feelings on such matters perhaps it would be best if you travelled in disguise. This would be very suitable.


    Perhaps you have it already?

  30. Ed Parke says:

    Well, I’m English and I see no reason or need to Anglicise Lleucu Siencyn’s name – but it does fit in with the narrative of ‘Julian’ being a bigotted little maggot, so full marks for his writers/creators. I found that a little nasty, but back on haplessly delusional comic form was his belief that he should be present at such an event! That is genuinely hilarious!

  31. john abell says:

    Gillian, you attending an WBC or WAC event is terribly hypocritical, as you say they are a ‘sinister’ organisation.

    Do you not agree? If I were you, and had principle, I would stay away as a matter of course.

    I have read War and Peace, it took a long time. If you like that Gill, try Vasil Grossman’s Life and Fate, think a similar narrative device, a whole family but in the second world war.

    As for your question about Julian. I used to regard him as a hilarious tragedy figure, with his comically awful blog, his ridiculous claims (7000 copies in Wales alone), his disastrous festival. His blog was so funny and his novels, oh my days they are bad! I read War and Peace faster than Inheritance Lost! And I had nothing to do with him, just observed this train wreck of a man, who really wanted to be someone.

    But after the Chapter talk, of which you attended Gill, and his absolute bullshit blog post saying how successful it went (!), I thought I had to challenge this buffoon because not many people are. Here is my account of the Chapter talk.


    The thing is Gill, the day of that talk was the day he got caught plagiarising Hitchens. He has since plagiarised an article on this site! His novels are self published and printed by a tax payer grant gifted, press. His novels are abominations, they don’t sell. His column (or gollum) for the Llanelli Scar is the most awfully written load of garbage on earth.

    And he has the audacity to criticise and try and stop arts funding, a subject which this Welsh hating, anti intellectual Phillistine knows nothing about. His ego says to him he knows everything about the minutia of government expenditure, in reality he is a buffoon.

    He has been rejected because he is not good enough, and, as an egomaniac, has now turned his scorn against the organisations who rejected him.

    The reason I challenge Ruck often is because he is ill informed, wrong, bitter, anti Welsh, sub Daily Mail, a liar, a crook, and a plagiarist who criticises things I know about and care about, so it is my duty to call him out.

    But he doesn’t do debate, else we would have had one by now.

    Julian, regards Jeremy Oakley in your previous letter, who is he, did you make him up? Answer this very important question please.

    Gill and Jule, what is it like in the hypocritical dunces corner of Welsh writing?

  32. Julian Ruck says:

    To John Abell,

    Please confirm or deny the following;-

    1 You are a recovering herion addict.

    2 You have received (and still do) treatment for mental health problems.

    3 You have never held down a full-time job.

    4 You are in receipt of disability benefits and housing benefit.

    5 You are a direct recipient of tax-payers’ money for work carried our for Parthian Books and which you have failed to declare to the DWP.

    Now for once, you answer some questions so readers of Uncut can decide for themselves how credible and honest a contributor you are.


  33. Julian Ruck says:

    To Abell,

    PS And you have yet to come up with one jot of verifiable evidence that I have ever received tax-payer subsidy, that I have been jailed for fraud, that I am a woman beater, a chronic alcoholic, a liar, an ex-SAS undercover soldier stationed in Ireland (that one really did amuse, I have done some shooting in my time, but clay pigeons were my only victims, I always drew the line at passing pheasants), that Kidwell- e received any subsidy, that my books haven’t sold in the thousands etc etc

    You really are a sad fantasist who is to be pitied, nothing more nothing less, just like all the other sorry Trolls who slither and lurk around this website.

    You are not the only one who can check out the antecedents of someone, the difference however between you and me, is that I have the resources to employ professional people to do it for me and make a proper job of it.

  34. john abell says:

    Julian, I’ll pay for your disguise! We will get you to the ball on time!

  35. Julian Ruck says:

    To Abell,

    PPS Oh and your credit file would shame Bernie Madoff.

  36. Julian Ruck says:

    To Ed Parke,

    You’re English! Yeah, just like you were one of my school pals at prep school and you and your little cronies have written evidence from Seren and Parthian etc etc.

    You are all losers and always will be, so why don’t you just get over it.


  37. James says:

    I have written to relevant publishers and arts organisations in Wales in order to establish precisely what Mr Ruck submitted to them, applied for and requested, and asked also to see the correspondence they entered into with him, because I strongly suspect that he has approached and vilified many different ones.
    In the interests of freedom of information , could Mr Ruck please pre-empt me here by stating who they were, when he submitted/applied and what ensued?
    While I am conscious Mr Ruck is threatening me, I do not – legally speaking – think that proving him to have submitted to publishers he has denied submitting to, or asking for taxpayer money from councils or arts organisations counts as libel or slander.
    There’s an interesting legal point to be made about the confidentiality of the correspondence, but if the confidentiality is broken in order to expose a lie (‘I have never submitted my novels to Welsh publishers’) I think it’s ok.
    Rumour has it that Mr Ruck admitted in his infamous Chapter talk that he did in fact submit to Welsh publishers, but it was not recored.
    This is why I am requesting help from Mr Ruck and his fans.
    Any legal

  38. Mr Akira Origami says:

    To James – “Draconion language laws.”……….

    “From Wednesday, the teaching of Welsh becomes compulsory up to the age of 16 for all schoolchildren in Wales.”


    “The standards mean organisations and companies would have to ensure that they employ enough Welsh speakers.

    The commissioner will have the power to investigate those who do not comply and they could face a fine of £5,000 if they do not. ”


    Where you born in Wales James?

    You don’t sem to know what is going on, maybe you have been away for a while?

  39. James says:

    Yes Mr Origami, it’s pone hour a week, which can be dropped at 16 and there’s no compulsion to do it for GCSE. If that’s your evidence, 10 14 years old, for a ‘draconian’ language law, you’re an idiot and a crank.

    As for firms employing enough Welsh speakers, you’ll see that ‘enough’ does not mean a majority – again, hardly ‘draconian’.

    Either look up draconian and what it means, or get me some evidence, you sad minority-basher.

    I wasn’t born in Wales, Mr O, no – but I live there happily and unmolested as an English-speaker, and won’t join your sad bigot’s crusade to stamp out minority cultures.

    I’ve read your blog and you’re a single-issue borderline-racist who obsesses about Welsh and spends his time fomenting resentment against Welsh-speakers.

    I don’t buy crap like yours – never have, never will, and you no more speak for English-speaking Welsh people than Abu qatada speaks for Muslems.

  40. stevemosby says:

    Julian –

    “To John Abell,

    Please confirm or deny the following;-

    1 You are a recovering herion addict.

    2 You have received (and still do) treatment for mental health problems.

    3 You have never held down a full-time job.

    4 You are in receipt of disability benefits and housing benefit.”


    “You are not the only one who can check out the antecedents of someone, the difference however between you and me, is that I have the resources to employ professional people to do it for me and make a proper job of it.”

    So, just for the record, you’re admitting – bragging about – paying someone to research an individual and then posting their private details (including medical records) on a public website?

  41. Luca Veste says:

    Labour Uncut –

    Your “columnist” is now revealing the personal medical details of someone on your site, without permission. I know you’ve been okay with the plagiarism, and the dodgy sources, but maybe this is worth having a think about?

    Are you really all that pleased about being party to this type of thing?

  42. Crazyhorse says:

    Wow… so a columnist gets someone to research and dredge up the medical record of someone who wrote critical comments about his column, then boasts about it. I feel this on-going back and forth between Ruck and his detractors has taken a very unsavoury turn.

  43. Ed Parke says:

    ‘Julian’ – I have never said that I was at school with you. If you were a real person you’d be approximately thirty years older than me! But yes, I am English – although I’ve been on Wales long enough now to consider myself an honorary Welsh citizen. *NB it never ceases to feel strange interacting with a fictional character!

  44. John Abell says:

    1. I have recovered from a heroin addiction, and have not taken heroin for 7 years.

    2. I have never sought help for mental health treatment.

    3. I have held down a full time job.

    4. I am not in receipt of any form of benefit whatsoever.

    Julian, I’ve answered some questions dear fellow, now answer the ones put to you!

    Seren, Parthian, did they reject you? Is that why you are bitter?

    Jeremy Oakley, in your last letter, did you invent him?

    Your a caught out plagiarist, twice, do you deny it?

    I used to take a lot of drugs in my teens, I stopped. Julian. Will you answer similar questions regarding your articles and private life?

    If so, I will put them to you, and expect you to be as frank and honest.

  45. John Abell says:

    If anyone has the time to watch this, please do.


    I am the well dressed benefit dependant single mother who calls Julian out.

  46. Julian Ruck says:

    To Mosby,

    So it’s alright for you and your fellow Trolls to go digging for dirt on me, doing your level best to smear and discredit me,but boo-hoo you don’t like the compliment being returned?! Well well.

    Why don’t you go and find someone else to love, Mosby? A woman, a man, a dog , a cat, anybody?

    One of them might just ameliorate the wretched and depessed life you quite obviously lead.

    Or you could even go and have another tattoo inscribed on your arse, ‘ I’m the best thing since Leo Tolstoy’!

  47. Julian Ruck says:

    To Mosby,

    PS Like you trying to get my editor’s to sack me, your patheitic and insulting diatribes on your own blog etc etc

    You’re a twisted,obsessive Mosby.

    Get a life, or some more effective medication..

  48. Julian Ruck says:

    To James,

    Carry on you silly boy, I’ll look forward to receiving some more of your amusing little fantasies.

    By the way, is it true you are the Chairman of ‘The Harry Potter Appreciation Society?

  49. Julian Ruck says:

    To Ed Parke,

    Thirty years older than you? Well now, I would never have believed it!

  50. Julian Ruck says:

    To Crazyhorse,

    If you can’t take it dear boy, don’t dish it out. And the ‘unsavoury turn’ is all yours.

    To Luca Veste, and as for the revelation of personal medical records, keep trying.

    A calculated guess but one that is bang on the money, it seems.

    You really don’t like grown ups playing your own nasty little games do you?

    Most of you are just out of school, I suggest you go back there for some further eduaction before trying to live in the real world.

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