Labour’s manifesto uncut: How to win in 2015 and why

Launched at Labour party conference 2013, Labour Uncut’s first book, “Labour’s manifesto uncut: How to win in 2015 and why” maps out a centrist view of what the party’s electoral offer could be at the next election.

It directly answers the question of how to fund a radical Labour alternative in a time of austerity with a suite of fully costed policies that would redraw the current political dividing lines and reduce peoples’ cost of living.

The whole of this book is greater than the sum of its parts. Individually, each chapter tactically addresses a discrete area for action. Together, they paint a picture of how Labour can win the next election and change Britain for the better.

And now the book is available online.

Click here to read or download.

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11 Responses to “Labour’s manifesto uncut: How to win in 2015 and why”

  1. steve says:

    The grand scheme reveals itself:

    “The only thing worse than losing the next election for Labour would be to win, and then fail.” (from the Executive Summary.)

    and from Marchant’s bit on driving through Party reform:

    “… in the unhappy event that Labour were to lose the next election, at least [following Party reform] the foundations would be set for a healthier party membership and funding base, and a win in 2020.

    So, boot out the Unions and the way will be clear for a Progress takeover. And if, in the meantime, Miliband comes up with policies you don’t like (as seems to be happening) you’ll do a Livingstone on him and agitate for ‘not in my name’ abstentions in 2015. That way, by your reasoning, you’ll be attempting to ‘save’ Labour from a fate worse than winning a general election…

    And you think this will lead to a glorious dawn in 2020? Well, you must be living in either Cloud-Cuckoo Land or the Westminster Bubble.

  2. swatantra says:

    I was hoping that Pete and Atuls ‘The Unauthorised Political History of the Labour Party from its Inception to 2010′, Complete Unabridged and Uncut in 5 Vols, would have hit the bookstands.
    It might have had more of an impact than:’How and why we lost in 2015’.

  3. John P Reid says:

    Swantantra, o.k I can’t fault what youe put, but it’s still a good read, how is with an Labour Party by the way

  4. Robert says:

    The issue is of course why would anyone want to have a centrist party called New labour when they have one called the Tories.,

  5. swatantra says:

    Its an excellent read, and I recommend it. My fear is that EdM will not take up its recommendations. Labour has to convince itself that it is a Party of the Centre Left, and not a Left of Centre Party. Its the middle ground that’ll win us the Election.

  6. John P Reid says:

    Because Robert, the Tories aren’t a centrist party,bedroom tax, cuts breaks for the rich, pro troops in Syria, mor e privatisation of the NHS , bringing back grammar schools,selling all of Royal Mail

  7. Henrik says:

    @John P Reid – no one, no one at all was calling for troops in Libya and your suggestion that anyone was is wrong-headed and unworthy.

    Grammar schools? Greatest engine of social mobility *ever* in the UK. Generations of smart working class kids made it to education thanks to selective education. Since the razzia on grammar schools started in the 60s, just look at how social mobility has declined – and how we’ve devastated entire generations of kids by foisting low expectations on them. Equality of opportunity is the socialist ideal, surely – from each according to his means, to each according to his needs – or have I misunderstood?

  8. Robert says:

    I agree about the Tories but there is another centre party, the Lib Dems. There is room in British politics for a left of centre party and this is confirmed by the polls this weekend. PS I am a different Robert.

  9. swatantra says:

    @Robert2. The difference is that Labour is definitely a left of Centre Party and the Lib Dems have always been a right of Centre Party. Its like a Venn diagram where bits of each Party can occupy a’central ground but none can honestly say they are a Centre Party. However if there were a re-defining of political parties, like the SDP tried to do , then they could claim to be a Centre Party.

  10. Landless Peasant says:

    Labour could very easily win if they really wanted to. All they have to do is increase State Benefits to a legal level (as defined by the Council of Europe), abolish State Terrorism (i.e. Benefit Sanctions) and also legalize Cannabis. If they do these 3 simple things they will easily win outright. And until they do, I’ll be voting Green.

  11. Hello,
    Very interesting collection of articles, really enjoyed reading them. I have recently published the following work;

    Back To The Future

    Winning Policies – For The 2015 General Election

    Britain and the Labour Party are fast approaching a crossroads not encountered since the late 1970’s.

    “When you talk about changing the lives and future prospects of the British people, you simply can’t go about it in a quiet fashion, you’re going to stand on a few toes.”

    Andy MacMillan – East Kilbride Labour Party

    “The British Labour Movement has been in a coma for the past 30 years, now it’s time to wake up.”

    All the best to you all.

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