Gisela Stuart quits

Controversial Labour MP Gisela Stuart has told her CLP that she will not contest the next election. In 1997, her victory in Birmingham Edgbaston was the first big Labour gain of the night from the Tories and she was a symbol of the new wave of Labour MPs. Latterly however, as a prominent advocate of leaving the EU, she alienated many PLP colleagues and local former supporters.

This morning on the Today programme, she was unable to say she would back Jeremy Corbyn for PM. In her e-mail to her members she said,

“I wanted you to hear from me that I have decided not to contest the Birmingham Edgbaston constituency at the general election in June.

After 22 years of campaigning and 20 years of having had the privilege of being the MP for this diverse, forever surprising and wonderful marginal seat I know when it is time to stand down and pass on the baton.

Together we have done amazing things; things we never expected when I became the first “Labour gain” of the Labour 1997 landslide as well as the first ever Labour MP for Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton. We won local battles, brought people together, challenged established assumptions about voters (and sometimes our own) and won elections against Tories that we didn’t think were possible. But together we did it . We are Labour and our values are Labour.”

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10 Responses to “Gisela Stuart quits”

  1. Ian says:

    Ship. Sinking.

  2. pc says:

    Gisela Stuart squirts

  3. Steve Rogers says:

    A politician I respect, who had principles and argued her case to the benefit of all people in the UK, I vote Tory and will be sorry that she has decided to stand down, Good luck to whatever path you decide to follow in the future and I hope it is a successful and happy one

  4. Alf says:

    The Blairites are going down like flies. Good.

  5. john P Reid says:

    alf ,Blairites as in pro the EU so Gisela stuart isn’t a blairite then,by the way, maybe those quitting are going because they know they’re gonna lose their seats due to Jez

    although I didn’t agree with her backing of Goerge bush over John Kerry for US president in 2004, she was very good on brexit not sharing a stage with George Gaolloway or Farage,like Kate hoey did

  6. Guy says:

    Another one jumps. So many of the loudest voices arguing (based on lies) for people to vote leave have decided to quit and leave the impossible task of trying to negotiate any sort of reasonable settlement from the EU. So she is another who will not be held to account. I really hope this coming election becomes a single issue election – Hard Brexit or stay. The only really choice as both Labour and Conservative have completely u-turned on their EU policies since the last election. Only one major political party is sticking to its previous view, and I hope that the Lib Dems gain the support that they deserve, and the country needs.

  7. Mike says:

    It is a shame she has quit. She stood up for her convictions. Convictions not based on lies Guy. You forget project fear – how is mass unemployment going (oh it isn`t). It is true we give over GBP 200 million a week net to the EU. It is why they want us to have a big bill because they will be short billions when we leave.

  8. Martin says:

    Will Frau Stuart vote UKIP or Tory? – She is not going to vote Lib Dem or Green. Or will she be off to Germany before it is too late? If the latter, Martin Schulz will not be welcoming her.

    Any news of Hooey (I can have an Irish passport) Hoey?

    Guy sums it up well.

  9. john P reid says:

    martin, hoey’s standing again we’ll be coming over to canvass for her
    guy, remain were calling leavers. Nazi racists who killed Jo cox, they were telling lies

  10. Tony says:

    “I vote Tory and will be sorry that she has decided to stand down”.

    I think that just about sums it up really.

    Sad that Ian Austin has not done the same!

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